Watch Dogs Screenshot May Contain Hidden Details

GR: "A new screenshot for Watch Dogs may contain a few hidden details."

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TheBigShamona2194d ago

What a pointless article other then the new screen shot

Kyosuke_Sanada2194d ago

IS that Nico Belic using a cellphone in the middle of the picture?!!

Shadonic2193d ago

That's exactly what i thought. Maybe hes looking at big American titties and there's a sort of move where you can make the site go on everyone's phones.

-Gespenst-2194d ago

The licence plate on the taxi or the number on it's door could be something?

The cctv camera is probably part of the gameplay

The campaign posters are probably tied into the story in some way...?

TV / Broadcast HQ in the background? Possibly tied to gameplay?

Says "Windy City" on the Theatre Square flag, game's based in Chicago? Or did we already know that?

I don't know, I don't think there's anything special tbh.

Liefx2193d ago

Although that does look like Niko Belic in the centre there..

ACBAA2194d ago

this is so embarrassing im seriously laughing right now

TheBigShamona2194d ago

So where's the secret? Article is nothing but a regular, yet new screenshot, no easter eggs.

ACBAA2194d ago

the screenshot is not new, meaning it's not the first time we see it. it was posted yesterday

violents2194d ago

Useless article.

@ Kyosuke_Sanada

You're right it does look like nico belic in the center on a phone. ha!

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