3DS XL Looks Gorgeous, Doesn't Need Another Circle Pad

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Nintendo's recent unveiling of the attention-grabbing 3DS XL wasn't much of a surprise, really. There were rumblings of a redesigned 3DS months before the system's debut. That said, those rumors didn't make the handheld less exciting. In fact, I'm downright giddy at the thought of rushing to the nearest retailer and handing over $199 for one of these babies, not only because I love 3DS, but also because I'm a proud DSi XL owner. Anyone who owns this supersized version will tell you that the bigger screens make a huge difference; those who own both an iPhone and iPad would probably agree on the mobile side.

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gaffyh2040d ago

I have to agree, if it had the second circle pad, I would definitely consider buying. Without it, I see this as a waste of money when Nintendo eventually does a revision with the second circle pad, most likely next year.

darthv722040d ago

especially if they increased the overall size of the unit. It makes perfect sense to have added a 2nd circle pad.

To me i see a missed opportunity on the part of nintendo. with the inclusion of a 2nd pad there could have been an increase in dual pad support in games for the 3ds as well as cross play between the wii-u.

If anything, nintendo could have adapted the new 3ds to act as a controller for the wii-u seeing as it would be touch, w/camera, have the right number of input buttons and most of all...a 2nd pad.

I like my 3ds and a 3ds with a bigger screen is an obvious upgrade but a 3ds with a bigger screen and no 2nd pad is.....pointless.

SteamFrostedEgg2040d ago

As I've said before, this is another iteration of the same handheld.

Adding another circle pad to a new version of the same handheld is counter productive for developers. It would confuse customers when buying games.

Haha1232040d ago

No thanks, I dont want this handheld clustered with shooters :)

maniacmayhem2040d ago

The DS had a more than an impressive library of games and all without the use of a second analog.
Games built specific for the system should be okay. The 3DS is a great piece of hardware.

bwazy2040d ago

This will be a lovely peace of hardware to carry around in your pocket.

If you could.

Lucretia2040d ago

only an idiot would say it doesnt need another circle pad, that or just a fanboy.

if a game like monster hunter needs it, then the system needs it. the a standard in todays gaming world, so since its missing its automatically behind.

besides, the freakin dsi came out with a camera and it didnt need one, so lets get something that "we dont need" but we actually do need.

3ds didnt need a bigger screen, it needed another analog. im sure the fanboys think the gameboy didnt need color either right?

123_3212040d ago

Circle Pad Pro XL, coming soon?.

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The story is too old to be commented.