The Namco Characters We'd Love To See in Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

DJP's Dan:

"You might have woken to the news this morning that the next Super Smash Bros. title, which is set to appear on Wii U and 3DS, will be co-developed by a team at Namco Bandai. This got me thinking, with Namco at the helm, the likelihood that some of their characters will be slipped in seems a given, but who could potentially be chosen? The cast of Smash Bros. games are large enough without any third-party characters invading so I’ve picked out five characters from the Namco Bandai universe that could fit seamlessly into the Super Smash Bros. universe."

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Afterlife2097d ago

I think Klonoa will be the best fitting character.

Smokeeye1232096d ago

His artsyle fits perfectly. Seems like a no-brainer.

Lavalamp2097d ago

List is sorely missing Yuri. Also Klonoa would be brilliant.

--Onilink--2096d ago

yeah why wouldnt they include on the game a character from a game that was never released in a Nintendo consoles...

Lavalamp2096d ago

Remind me, how awesome was Enslaved on the Wii? Because I'll bet my bottom dollar that it won't be as impressive as Project X Zone.

--Onilink--2096d ago

im sorry, did i said the list was accurate in any way?? because i cant see that in my comment. Everything on that list expect pac man makes as much sense as yuri, which is no sense at all.

Lavalamp2096d ago

Oh I'd love to hear you explain why a character on a 3DS title makes "no sense at all" to be included on a list of potential characters for another 3DS title?

--Onilink--2096d ago

simple, why would Nintendo include in a game, thats basically the compilation of all things Nintendo, a character that has never appeared in a Nintendo console?

Im not saying that there cant be any 3rd party characters, but what it doesnt make sense is asking for characters from games that have only appeared on competing consoles.

For example if you would have told me they should include Lloyd, i could agree, because ToS was a pretty big deal in the GCN

Lavalamp2096d ago

Including Tales characters would primarily serve to service Tales fans first, existing SSB fans second. And Yuri ranks as the most popular character in the entire franchise, standing head and shoulders above Lloyd in the polls. That, coupled with his inclusion in the Nintendo 3DS title I've already brought up twice, provides sensibility to his potential as, at the very least, a candidate for the game's roster. If you would still like to argue that there is "no" sense in that, then please explain.

--Onilink--2096d ago

just because he shows up on ProjectXZone doesnt make him a likely candidate for Smash, you are looking at this from Tales fan perspective instead of the perspective of Nintendo. Yuri shows up in that game because its a crossover of games from 3rd party companies, they are the only ones who would put a restriction on which characters could appear.

Smash bros is/has always been a nostalgia trip to everything Nintendo, Sonic and Snake have games on Nintendo consoles, and are representatives of their franchises. Yuri, while probably very popular the only thing that represents is one game that never made it into a Nintendo console.

So if it was already hard that they agreed to include such symbolic characters like Sonic and Snake into something so representative of Nintendo, what chance would Yuri have? Thats why i think it doesnt make any sense

Lavalamp2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

If the series is such a "nostalgia trip," why would they include

"characters like Sonic and Snake into something so representative of Nintendo" when they clearly aren't?

Where are your sources claiming that it was "hard" for them to put those characters into the game? Hell, Sonic's popularity in the polls had a large impact on his inclusion, which shows they would rather listen to fans than monopolize their roster.

Not only that, but the fact that they willingly brought in MAJOR Namco devs like Yoshito Higuchi, Tetsuya Akatsuka, Masaya Kobayashi, and the Tekken dev team, it shows that not only are they open to third-party, but Namco's influence on the roster seems like par for the course at this point. Namco's heavy involvement in the project and fan input show that Yuri isn't baseless.

Lucretia2096d ago

I would get the game if it has Kos-mos or Telos

TheRichterBelmont2096d ago

We'll wind up with Jin Kazama, Siegfried and a bunch of Tales characters most likely.

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