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Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 73 “Break Times Over”

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"We’re back for another episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast! While E3 drained our batteries pretty good, the show is recharged and ready to burn through the rest of 2012. No more cartoon dogs, no more hairy bushed nuns…we keep our eye on the prize!

On this episode the boys talk about the disappointment that was Prometheus. With plot holes so large that Superman himself couldn’t make it in a single bound, it’s fair to say that the crew was a little let down by the return of Ridley Scott to the Alien universe. Nathan and Joe gush over the Green Lantern animated series currently airing on the Cartoon Network. How did DC get it so right with CGI, and so wrong on the big screen?

In an unexpected turn of events, the gang finds themselves jumping into Cliffy B’s corners as he recently did an interview regarding linearity, and difficulty in games. Ubisoft floats into the cross hairs with Shootmania thanks to Joe’s worst of E3 2012 feature. Finally the show wraps up Nathan talking changes coming to the show next week." (Culture, E3, PC, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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