The Full Doom Experience Comes To PS3 For The First Time

PlayStation Blog: Doom 3: BFG Edition is set to launch on PlayStation 3 in October 2012, and brings with it the first two games in the iconic series. It means you’ll be able to play the entire Doom series on PS3 for the first time and see for yourself why many consider these games to be some of the most influential shooters of all time.

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morganfell2194d ago

I love this quote:

"I’d go so far as to say it’s the best implementation of stereoscopic 3D I’ve seen in a game so far. It really does draw you in."

Places like Bitmob just do not get it. 3D gaming is an incredible experience and I am really looking forward to the implementation in Doom 3 BFG.

Captain Tuttle2192d ago

Is it a surprise that a guy who worked on the game would think that his game gives the best experience? You're letting your Sony love goggles blind you Morgie.

Diver2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

an you're letting your sony hate goggles blind you. tons of people love 3D gaming. you think its fanboyism cause the 3D title morg likes happens to also be on ps3?

did you know morg posted once that he really loved the 3D in halo anniversary? course you dont cause you're not for anything good just hatin anything sony. peeps like you are the worst kind of people in here.

this article is about a multiplat game but focused on ps3. you just couldn't stop yourself from coming in here an trolling. actually its a personal attack. shame on this site that the worst posters with the least to offer got the most bubbles.

avengers19782191d ago

isnt 3d dead already. 3D has still has not made an impact... and most people I know dont give a crap about it... I know soon that it is going to be standard in all tvs but it still don't matter. And to say differently is to only try to blindly justify your own purchase of a 3D television... Sorry but no one cares about that........ and 3D gaming isn't the future it's a damn gimmick.... oh and Doom is a shitty game

LeShin2191d ago

I remember the EXACT thing was said about HD when it was announced "it's not needed" "Not many households will have it" "It's a gimmick"

Lol now look. 3D is here to stay. There has to be some sort of progression to the inevitable hologram technology. The thing is, converted 3D is the crap thing. Movies & games built from the ground up in 3D look amazing with the right set up. Watched Avatar and played Uncharted 3 using my friends Sony HMZ-T1.....bloody hell it looked amazing!! So much so, I'm buying a unit next month!

avengers19782188d ago

All Im saying is 3D did not take off they way the TV manufactures hoped that it would. Now pretty much all new TV's that come out are 3D, and also smart tv's, but 3D is still not this huge in home thing. By default soon everyone will have 3D in there homes but I really dont see lots of people using on the regular.

HarryPS32192d ago

I do not want to see a Hellknight in 3D, aaaahhh!

Paul852192d ago

Really looking forward to this game can't wait to play this been a doom fan from the beginning!!!

SuperBeast8112192d ago

halo is in full HD this year FINALLY welcome to 2006 xbox!!

SockeyBoy2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )


1. Halo CE HD got released last year.

2. ICO was originally released in 2001 and also got a 2011 release the same as Halo.

3. Doom originally got released on XBLA in 2006.

4. Doom 2 originally got released on XBLA in 2010.

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dcortz20272192d ago

Get owned Sockey! By the way, I didn't know that Doom 3: BFG Edition was released for the Xbox 360 in 2010? LOL fail.

Mr Logic2191d ago

1. 360 has not enjoyed the "full experience" because if that were true, then they wouldn't be releasing this bundle of games for the 360 as well.

2. The article states they pretty much had to remake the whole game, aka not the same experience.

3. All PS3s will play the PS1 copy of Doom.

4. My ancient Zune HD can play Doom 2.

5. Halo CE HD doesn't count since it's a remake. Just like PS2 remakes of course they are going to be HD, but they still won't look that great.

On a separate note 3D gaming is fun. I loved the first two games back in the day, never got around to the third one. Looking forward to racking up some trophies with these cool games.

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