EA confirms Need for Speed movie for 2014

TVGB: "EA and DreamWorks have just announced that the latter has picked up the rights to do a flick based on former's popular racing franchise."

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LiamIRL821888d ago

Let's hope they use the legendary actors they used for the games cut scenes /s

zeal0us1888d ago

Fast and the Furious clone.....I hope not.

Zachmo1821886d ago

It'll take Fast and the Furious spot as they're suppose to be more like heist films now.

Kran1888d ago

Uh oh. Say goodbye to another franchise because of the mov-

wait. To be honest, Need for Speed has been sucking since it arrived to the next generation of consoles. Minus Hot Pursuit that is.

StarFox1887d ago

so Fast & Furious then?

SKUD1887d ago

This can't be good. On any level.

attilayavuzer1887d ago

Has cheese written all over it.