Review: Magical Diary (darkzero)

"Just this weekend I found myself on Steam with money in my pocket and a skip in my step. As I trolloped and danced around looking for deals, a certain game caught my attention. This game, titled Magical Diary, promised me so many things. I could go to a magical high school where demons and werewolves all learned how to be magical beings. There I could focus on learning various arts that would make me a powerful sorcerer one day. I would also be given the opportunity to fall in love and find true romance in this magical world.

What the game neglected to mention was that while character customization existed, the capacity to maintain a Y chromosome was a luxury I would not be afforded. In other words, I was going to be experiencing this magical world as an angst laden 15 year old girl. What more, I was soon going to learn that the promise of finding true love was not optional."

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