Rune Factory: Oceans Review - The Digital Fix

The famous last lines from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner ‘Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink’ sum up my experience reviewing Rune Factory: Oceans. A game stocked full of ideas and gameplay styles but sadly unable to give a worthwhile experience insisting that the sheer number of ideas alone crammed into the game will carry it to success.

Rune Factory: Oceansis a sister series to the Harvest moon games of the past ten years and has graced the NDS, Wii and has now been ported to the PS3.The game starts with our hero Azel and heroine Sonia starting a new day on Finis island to be transported (randomly) to an alternate Finis island in the future, (Or is it the past?) and in the process our duo have been declined two bodies and now have to both inhabit Azel’s body (even more random). The new island is inhabited with a host of new NPCs and places to explore.

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