3DS XL Screens - IGN

Nintendo has released official images for the 3DS XL. The new system, which was announced during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, will be available to purchase on August 19 (the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2). In addition to larger screens, the new system will also sport a longer battery life, and will sell for $199.99.

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ninjahunter2218d ago

Pixel density is overated anyway.

kingPoS2216d ago

Where can I get a laptop sized 3DS? lol wut

aviator1892216d ago

I really love the big screens, but the fact that the resolution will stay the same is a huge turn off.

Gen0ne2216d ago

Blech! I'll stick with my black ambassador version, thank you very much. Not diggin' the style and no 2nd analog. Nope.