Friday Five: How Microsoft's Surface Tablet Could Change Gaming

by: Kyle Orr

This week Microsoft announced a new entry into the tablet market with Surface. Now don’t be confused by the table-sized touch device of the same name; the new Microsoft Surface is a tablet through and through.

There aren’t a ton of details out there about this device but what we’ve heard so far sounds pretty cool. There’s PC-like components such as USB and a SD slot. Then there’s the integrated kickstand and a smart cover that doubles as a sleek keyboard. However we’re missing a lot of essential information such as apps, release and, of course, price.

Talking About Games is, naturally, a website about video games so this Friday Five is dedicated directly to the ways that I hope this new tablet could change how we play games.

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Wizziokid2068d ago

Those 5 reasons for me don't justify how it could change gaming.
I'm sure people will disagree here but I'm sorry, they just aren't good reasons.

Jag-T10002068d ago

Where do I preorder? Hope this thing beats the crap out of the iPad.

beerkeg2068d ago

To save yourselves a click, these are the reasons -

It could work with an Xbox 360 Controller

It could get us even more Achievements

It could let us play our Xbox Live Arcade Games

It could let us play PC games on the go

It could be Microsoft’s push into the portable market

I'll let you decide if this will actually 'change' gaming.

BrutallyBlunt2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

1. I don't see why not. Sony did this with their tablet.

2. It could but some people might not like that idea. I don't care either way as achievments are pointless imo.

3. Of course it will, why wouldn't it?

4. I doubt that will ever pan out. Microsoft has done a terrible job with PC gaming and playing a game like Diablo III on the go? Look at the trouble Valvae had with Portal 2 and Microsoft.

5. Of course it will, just like Apple has managed to with their devices. Only difference is Microsoft will make suer to have their own studios make games for it.

So yeah, it could change gaming but it won't be that big of a deal imo.

nukeitall2068d ago

I think the most important thing that wasn't mentioned at all, is actually SmartGlass. Seemingly simple idea, yet broad changing just like Achievements.

IRetrouk2068d ago

It a tablet, has any other tablet changed gaming?

Cueil2068d ago

the difference is that this is a real OS and the Pro version runs on an i5 with full desktop features.... it has 2 USB 3.0 ports and HDMI out

BuffMordecai2068d ago

It has caused a lot of casual crap and dumbed down touch controls.

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