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Submitted by L1keMike 1329d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo 3DS XL? Is Nintendo trolling?

"Woke up to the news this morning of a 3DS revision. My excitement quickly turned to "huh?" Does Nintendo even listen to it's audience anymore?" (3DS, Casual games, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Tag Invalid)

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MoreConsole  +   1330d ago
Nintendo stopped listening a long long time ago.
kikizoo  +   1329d ago
..same crap, just bigger ;)

ok, some nice games..
MaxXAttaxX  +   1329d ago
It's not even about the second circle pad for me.
I was hoping for a "Lite" version. You know, thinner, less bulky, sleeker version. Kinda like what they did with the original DS and DS Lite.
But they did the opposite instead. I'm ok with bigger screens, but not if it means a MUCH bigger system.
LiamIRL82  +   1330d ago
I can't wait to get my hands on this. Everyone drones on about a second circle pad. GET OVER IT!
user5467007  +   1329d ago
"Everyone drones on about a second circle pad"

...because thats what we wanted as consumers.

Nintendo didn't listen and ignored us, it's not something you get over especialy when we've been asking for one since the PSV was shown off.
omarzy  +   1329d ago
17 million sales so far sy that consumers are perfectly fine with one circle pad. They cannot make a second analog stick because 17 million people have the original 3ds so how would they play games that require 2 circle pads? every article about the 3ds XL, and nobody seems to bring this issue up.
user5467007  +   1329d ago


Sales Sales Sale...blah blah blah

As a gamer...I don't give a crap about sales
omarzy  +   1329d ago
well it not so much the sales as it is that many 3ds owners have the original as i said. if the added another circle pad, then developers would have 2 diferent 3ds consoles, and would have to abandon one audience to use the 2 pads on one, or not use 2 pads, and the ones with 2 pads will feel like it is a waste.
SteamFrostedEgg  +   1329d ago

You are correct. I don't think they understood what you were saying.

The 3DS XL is not a new handheld, it is another iteration with minor changes. Another analogue pad is a massive addition to control...
victorGma21  +   1329d ago
Yes, you don't give a crap about sales, but if people is buying it, it's because they think the 3DS is enough for them.

I don't feel the need for a second analog, really.
Muffins1223  +   1329d ago
Aah even the 2nd generation of 3D'S fall short of the psp vita's features and hardware,pathetic.Maybe next gen hardware MIGHT be as good as the psps vita for you Nintendo fanboy..
Y_5150  +   1329d ago
Well you calling a PSvita "psp vita" bothered me little, but Nintendo is now already thinking about the next generation handheld, so then we will see two control sticks or circle pads. Unfortunately the circle pad pro is most likely just going to be a option for some games kinda like Wii Motion Plus.
Mounce  +   1329d ago
Because the amount of 'droning' at Sony wasn't a hint enough that Handhelds without 2 circle pads wasn't evident enough that consumers wanted 2 circle pads. Hint hint, this wasn't exclusive to Sony-consumers.

Nintendo 'drones' like you who bend over and take it up the ass and buy everything Nintendo makes as if everything they touch becomes gold are one of the reasons why they get away with doing some of the dumbest decisions in marketing ever amongst their random gimmicky-but-are-called-innova tive tactics.
Ben_Grimm  +   1329d ago
The 3DS hottest selling portable right now in the top 5 hardware sales of the world and you're saying the consumers were disappointed?

I believe only the Sony psp fans wanted a second analog, the DS guys were doing fine with its huge library of games.
klecser  +   1329d ago
Agreed. Everyone is quick to tout the "second analogue" line as if gaming without a second analogue is impossible.

People also don't need to think about the technical challenges here, so they just don't. How do you make the 100+ existing games for the 3DS compatible with a new dual stick model? Do you re-contract with all of those companies to work on patches? At what cost? Do you honestly think that devs will spend resources and do it for FREE just out of the kindness of their hearts?

Gamers think with their hearts, not their brains. What is "best" for you is not necessarily financially responsible for a company. Some things in life are not as simple as "I want it, so do it".
user5467007  +   1329d ago
Only PSP fans......

I don't have a PSP or a PSV and I wanted a second circle pad. Mostly because with the new handheld gen it was an obvious thing to add but they didn't.

It would allow many developers to add more exciting features to 3DS games in the future.

"The 3DS hottest selling portable right now in the top 5 hardware sales of the world and you're saying the consumers were disappointed?"

Considering the whole circle pad thing started after Sonys E3 when they showed off the PSV and announced it's price months after the 3DS came out... no wonder a lot of people bought it, because they never saw the PSV and it's second analouge stick. Why do you think people were p*ssed off at the price Nintendo gave the 3DS after they saw that Sony gave the PSV the same launch price and it could more.
supraking951  +   1329d ago
this is why I'll never buy a 3DS and play the games i want to play like Resident Evil Revelations and Kingdom Hearts 3D, add a second circle pad and I'll consider. I'll just wait for the PS Vita ports of those games instead
VanillaBear  +   1329d ago
Oh look at the Nintendo fanboys trying to justify another Nintendo EPIC you guys ever accept when Nintendo do something wrong. No wonder they get away with this kind of stuff because people just take it like a b*tch.

3DS Price, 3DS lack of launch games, ignoring their fans, still in bed with the casuals, Wii U E3 2011, Wii U E3 the 3DS XL WITHOUT the second circle pad, COME ON.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1329d ago
Nintendo dropped the price quickly on the 3DS, does that mean everyone justified the original price? Think please. The system has sold very well so far so obviously they are doing something right. Don't like it don't buy it, simple. No use in acting like you can do a better job while sitting at home doing nothing.
Kos-Mos  +   1329d ago
Second circle pad so you can play cod? No thanks.
LordMe  +   1329d ago
Or, the second circle pad that could be used for camera control in all games, and was used in Monster Hunter...

Not everyone plays CoD, I detest the game, but a second pad would be invaluable in game design. But overall, people will just take it instead of giving feedback.

Everyone that gives feedback on what a company did wrong is always branded as a 'hater'
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Rockoman16  +   1328d ago
And all this stupid drama for a second circle pad, lmao, Sony little bitches are so damn hilarious!!
ChunkyLover53  +   1329d ago
I don't see how they were trolling, I remember doing a Nintendo survey months ago and one of the questions was if I'd be more likely to buy a Nintendo 3DS if the screen were bigger, naturally I clicked on yes.

I don't know many actual Nintendo fans that are THAT desperate for the add-on right thump pad. To be honest, a lot of the 3DS games that I like use the touch screen as a form of control. I think Nintendo would damage themselves pretty bad if they released a new model with two thumb sticks, the 20 million that already have a 3DS would feel pretty crushed.

The DS XL was a natural progression, just like this, so I definitely don't see a problem with it.
mechdunga   1329d ago | Spam
TheDivine  +   1329d ago
Damnit. I want this so bad now. It def needed a 2nd circle pad, im btter off with mine a cpp. Still i bet the 3d looks killer on that thing. Decisions...
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waltyftm  +   1329d ago
CRode  +   1329d ago
Nintendo is not trolling it is officially revealed.
linkenski  +   1329d ago
I think they're listening more to their Japanese consumers, and if i recall correct, handhelds are the more popular consoles in japan (especially with Monster Hunter, which is the Jap equivalent to CoD, and is mainly on handheld devices) so natrually a larger handheld is more appealing.

But yeah, i couldn't care less about the 3DS XL, because i really don't see how it makes playing 3DS games better.

What about streetpass? Do they expect us to wear gangster-wear to just to be able to fit that monster in our pockets? and what about that extra circle pad? Now the Circle Pad Pro extension is even worse, because it doesn't even work with this device.
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Optical_Matrix  +   1329d ago
Must be. Biggest POS hardware I've ever seen. It looks cheap, doesn't come with a charger, and to boot, still no second analogue? Yeah, no. I'll stick with my 3DS Original and PS Vita.
thebudgetgamer  +   1329d ago
If this was an Apple product there would be so much anger.
Waddy101  +   1329d ago
People would be queuing up in droves to buy it if it was!
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Brownghost  +   1328d ago
Look at the ipad
mamotte  +   1329d ago
From a business point, it makes sense that this version doesnt have the second stick (and L2 and R2, remember those). In my opinion, what Nintendo dont want to do is screw those who bought a 3DS and the second stick addon. Remember the incident with the price cut, the ambassador program, everyone was really pissed.

Now imagine what would happen if suddenly a -practically- new console come, bigger, better battery, two sticks, prettier, a SD card... and less price, only one year later? Even a Nintendo fan would go in a rage with that. Now, can Nintendo put the goddamn 2nd stick and sell it at "right" price? Thats the price of a normal 3DS XL + the price of the addon. Yes, they can. Problem: It'd cost more than a Vita. Maybe not exactly a real deal, since it depends on what each individual want to buy, but just be honest: That's how business are.

So, my conclusion is: Nintendo are (kind of) protecting their fans. Or maybe, protecting themselves from their fans.

Now, my personal point of view? $200 seems ok to me, is big, and since the 2nd stick is optional with a few games, I dont see it as a deal breaker. Maybe I'll buy one. When Layton 5 come out.
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dennett316  +   1329d ago
Adding another circle pad to this would have been a massive mistake, and a pointless one. The Circle Pad Pro is a strictly OPTIONAL component for a few 3rd party games...17million plus users would get thrown under a bus with future games if they required a circle pad to work. Nintendo didn't split their market....that's a very sound business decision.
FPS games can work fine on 3DS as is by using the stylus on the screen, or offer an OPTION to use the circle pad. I'll be getting this, the XL version of the DS was fantastic for me...much better in the hand than the smaller consoles.
josephayal  +   1329d ago
time to buy a new master piece
I feel bad for those who already got a tiny 3DS ........................I was all excited to see that FAT WHITE 3DS XL in my big hands
StraightPath  +   1329d ago
The original ds did not need a second analog worked perfectly with stylus. I played metriod on it without any problems. The stylus reli accurate. The 3ds doesnt need a second analog it works perfectly too. The circle pad is a option that enables players to use it if they wish for a preferred control. so shut the f**k up losers. 3ds highest selling handheld destroying competition. Driods complain about second analog and circle pad its like saying the ps3 pad needs REAL triggers. Haha have u seen those attachements lol again optional am not using it saying the ps3 pad needs triggers. Owned.
Digimortal  +   1329d ago
Is Nintendo Trolling? God is the Media fucking stupid or what. Jesus
DOOMZ  +   1329d ago
tehpees3  +   1329d ago
If the second slide pad was there people here would be complaining that Nintendo ripped people off and is alienating old 3DS users. No matter what the internet would put a negative spin on the situation. For some reason they just don't like to be happy.
Main_Street_Saint  +   1329d ago
I don't think its trolling; this is something that the big 'N' usually does (no one should be surprised). I wonder how the games will look with the larger screen; will the 3d be the same, look better or worse with the larger screen?
Yodagamer  +   1329d ago
I don't mind the lack of the second analog, if they gave it a second analog they would have to the second set of trigger (for the sake of adding all the features of the cpp) which would make it thicker.
Jirachi  +   1329d ago
all i can say is if you already owned both a 3ds and circle pad pro 3ds xl with 2nd analog would piss you off. But really the thing about the second analog is it's only really used for camera control.

That's why i don't see the need for a second analog.
The thing about cpp s it also added two extra shoulder button something i feel both 3ds and vita need.

They could add a second circle pad but without the 2ndary shoulder buttons you would STILL need another add on to use it.
Killman  +   1329d ago
Doesn't it feel like Nintendo should have made this revision before the system's release? (It looks mediocre in terms of an upgrade but still) I mean, they made an XL version of DSi before the release of the 3DS.....When the 3DS first released, I was surprised and disappointed in how tiny it was. Though, this 3DS XL seems bulky for some reason. At launch, I was picturing (and hoping for) something in the middle of the two.
jayzablade  +   1329d ago
LOL @ everyone crying over a decision made by the undisputed king of handheld gaming for over 30 years!!
Dry your tears guys, i think Nintendo know what they're doing by now!!
TotalSynthesisX  +   1329d ago
Rrobba  +   1329d ago
I think this guy sums it up pretty well:

IMO yes it's a little disappointing that it doesn't have a second circlepad, BUT at the end of the day if you want it just buy the peripheral that costs just $15. Only about 5% of 3DS games support the second analog anyway and it's not likely it's necessary - the PSP had loads of great games with 1, the 3DS has already had loads with 1 and the DS had TONS of great games with no analogs.
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