1C announces Nuclear Union, an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Russia

Best Way is developing Nuclear Union, reveals 1C, which is an RPG set in an alternate universe where Soviet and US nuclear arms levelled much of the world but the Union survived.

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LightofDarkness2097d ago

And it is no way hopping on the Metro/STALKER bandwagon.

shayol33t2096d ago

Looks good, Russia needs more games from THEIR perspective. Plus im alsways for a post apocalyptic setting

CanadianTurtle2096d ago

Is this going to be an oldschool over the top RPG, or a First person RPG?

sonicsidewinder2096d ago

This that 3rd person game we've seen gameplay of?

The prospect sounds good, but I didney like the in-game much.

ninjaman9992096d ago

Games that have the tension of Metro or Open-worldness of Fallout or STALKER in the Post Boom boom setting is music to my ears since they are just so much more awesome than the usual cookie cutter shooters with just soldiers...and more soldiers...