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UK gets white PS3, release date and pricing confirmed as GAME becomes exclusive partner

GAME gets the exclusive deal to sell the new white PS3 SKU in the UK. (GAME, PS3)

Darth Stewie  +   911d ago
I wish the AC3 PS3 bundle coming later this year was going to be a white PS3 with the Assassin's Creed Symbol on top of it. Sadly Sony only does special PS3s in Japan.
r1sh12  +   911d ago
This is 2 years too late for me!
I got a black slim ps3. WOuld have liked a white ps3
Calm Down Sunshine  +   911d ago
I'll stick to my launch day backwards compatible 60GB thank you.
IRetrouk  +   911d ago
Gamestop had the white one in the UK for ages now, maybe game got the deal cause gamestop shut its stores?
TacoTaru  +   911d ago
I'll wait for a super-slim in any color.
josephayal  +   911d ago
Why NO LOVE for U.S.A?
i demand this white PS3 Bundle in the USA and US Territories ASAP
FFXI101  +   911d ago
I wish all the Japanese bundles and limited edition PS3 would come to NA too so people don't have to overpay just to get them imported.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   911d ago
Still waiting for a Principality OF Zeon themed PS3 with Zaku Mk.II decal and matching Purple LED....
Hicken  +   911d ago
That actually sounds pretty badass. But if we're going original Gundam, I'd rather have a Dom-themed system.

I STILL want that white PS3 with Lightning on it. That was a sexy console.
Cryptcuzz  +   911d ago
What about the US? I want this in the US so I can have a reason to buy another one for my brother since hes been wanting a PS3 of his own!

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