New Street Fighter X Tekken Vita screens showcase six new characters

Several new screenshots (featuring Blanka, Dudley, Elena and Sakura from Street Fighter in addition to Alisa and Lars from Tekken) have been revealed for the Playstation Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken.

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kagon012093d ago

Correction old characters...

DivineAssault 2093d ago

This is a day 1 purchase for me.. Ive been holding out for the vita version & im so damn tempted to pick it up on ps3 everytime i see it on sale @ the stores... I WANT!!! it looks almost console perfect w minimal differences

Smokingunz2093d ago

I hope they don't down scale the character models like they did with mk vita! That was just a terrible move !

DarkHeroZX2092d ago

Don't worry after seeing how well capcom did with ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 I have faith this game will be as good looking as its console counterpart. But if they add 18 more characters then its console counterpart for $39 there's no way you can justify paying for the console version especially considering that its about that price and your gonna have to pay for all these extra characters when they are released via dlc. Sony ain't joking with the vita