Sony looks set to send PS3 off in style as Xbox 360 fizzles out

PlayStation Universe looks at the run in to the end of the current console life-cycle and compares what Sony and Microsoft are offering.

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piroh2039d ago

that's why i love Sony

The Last of Us
Beyond Two Souls
GOW Ascension
LBP Karting
PS All Stars Battle Royale
maybe FF vs 13
2 of them are the most beautiful games i saw this generation

i believe the list will go on, PS2 was supported till very late

OllieBoy2039d ago

And non-first party exclusives like Ni no Kuni, Yakuza 5, Tales of Xillia 2, Okami HD, etc...

I'm glad Sony didn't talk about PS4 at E3 because PS3 is on fire right now.

mewhy322039d ago

Fizzles out?? ROFL. Uhhhhh OK.

If Xbox market share growing faster than any other and massive installed base is what fizzling out is the I want to fizzle out ROFL.

I'll be the first to say that i can't wait for this last round of exclusive for my ps3 but the xbox is definately not fizzling out lol. wow.

Dno2039d ago


This is about the games. Sony has better games. Sales? you are only reading USA sales. Sony is selling more units each month.

Bigpappy2039d ago

Was this written in Japan. That is the only place 360 is fizzling out. EU is pretty much even, The Americas (Largest gaming market) is dominated by the 360. The number of exclusives will only matter if those exclusives are more applealing than what is offered by 3rd party. This rearly happens.

BitbyDeath2039d ago

@BigPappy, PS3 is dominating the 360 in europe markets.

PS3 - 50,000 -> 100,000 per week
360 - Less than 30,000 per week

Read below

Trebius512039d ago

I like my 360, but it really doesnt hold a candle to PS3 unless you really love Kinect.

360 is BORING...sorry to say i know some of you get very upset when their console of choice is insulted...but its just my opinion, 360 is just seriously boring. It just doesnt have the games, unless you count the shovelware.

EVILDEAD3602039d ago

LMAO..I'm with you Mewhy32

The PS3 has some cool titles coming, but the 360 isn't coming close to fizzling out.

In fact, this year's line-up is just as strong as ANY other console.

Look Naughty 'Last' is going to be a beast when it releases close to a Year and a half from now. Quantic's Beyond is going to be well after that.

By then the 360 will be 8 years old and it will still go out next year with the Gears prequel and Bungie's new shooter.

By then we'll be talking about the new consoles, and the 360 still won't be fizzling.

They Both got great games that are going to excite the install bases, but there was nothing on the 360 stage that will impact the PS3 success and theres nothing on the PS3 stage thatwil have an impact on the 360s success.


BattleAxe2039d ago

LOL How can people disagree with how hot the PS3 is right now? At this point in the console cycle its just stupid not to own a PS3.

Legion2039d ago


Way to create your own numbers for MS... seeing that in your post it doesn't even post numbers for MS in it. Only that it is presumed to be in 3rd place in Europe.

While a poster taking the overall numbers calculated it to be above Nintendo in Europe for 2012.

And you can still see that MS has a global market share that is still in the lead. Until Sony takes that lead they are still behind. Runners don't win the race until the race is over. the question might be, when is this race considered over? When the first next next generation system hits market maybe? Because that is when people start looking at the new race?

BitbyDeath2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

@Legion, if you re-read the article it states 3DS in second place with between 50,000 and 30,000 per week.
360 is in 3rd place so you do the math.

My post was to simply correct BigPappys statement, if you don't like facts then best you try argue with someone who cares.

ShinMaster2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

[QUOTE: "Fizzles out!!??? OK ROFLCOPTER lol wow"}
I think you're about to have a heart attack dude. Calm down.

Talking about market shares and install base which have nothing to do with G-A-M-E-S. Stay on topic!

Again with the whole "they're not coming out until next year" argument? Really? Is that all you got to downplay PS3 games and feel better about your 360 ones? You're like a broken record.
There have been several PS3 exclusive titles already THIS year. There are a few more coming out THIS year, including PS Battle Royale, LBP Karting, Sly 4, Dust 514, etc.
It doesn't matter if SOME of the other games are coming out next year. The point is, there are more GAMES COMING OUT! And you can't handle that, so you focus on the games not coming out this year in the hopes of feeling better about your obviously preferred system.

ChrisW2038d ago

Didn't Sony say that it's impossible to survive on 1st party games alone? Or was that Nintendo...? Doesn't really matter. Anyway, look at the sales for 3rd party games. That is where a console financially shines!!!

1st party games are just icing on the cake and keep a minor niche of gamers extremely HAPPY.

EVILDEAD3602036d ago

'It doesn't matter if SOME of the other games are coming out next year. The point is, there are more GAMES COMING OUT! And you can't handle that, so you focus on the games not coming out this year in the hopes of feeling better about your obviously preferred system.'

LMAO @ you not reading the story..the WHOLE point of the story was that the 360 was fizzling because these games were announced. Still far from true and ABSOLUTLEY matters in context of this story.

Kinda like back in day when you used to troll the 360 daily and say 'the 360 only has 4 games' and then use a list that included Killzone 2 and Final Fantasy Versus...LMAO.

How did that turn out..but now your doing a 180 when someone is pointing out the truth.

Not a troll like you, I didn't bash any PS3 game or the console...but I just gave my opinion on the obvious flame article.


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Boody-Bandit2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

New IP's, new IP's, new IP's. That is what Sony did this whole generation. Actually that's all they have done since they entered the industry.

Nintendo lives off the same franchises they always have and MS appears to be doing the same now.

MS started off on a crazy pace this generation. 07 and 08 were fantastic but since then they have been on a downward spiral. They are going out very weak while all but ignoring their core user base for Kinect, apps and other services that have nothing to do with gaming. No new IP's for their core audience and not a whole lot to be excited about going into next gen. Seriously. They have less support now then when they entered the industry.

Sony is still adding studios to their plethora of support. I just don't see this changing anytime soon.

nukeitall2039d ago

They all contribute in their own way. MS is supporting Xbox 360 with Kinect then SmartGlass and a host of entertainment options.

Sony is supporting theirs with new IPs.

Nintendo is pushing out a new console with a hopefully innovative controller.

Isn't it great that you have an option? I would hate to see all three focus on the same thing!

r212039d ago

I'll add on to that list.
Sly Cooper Thieves In Time
The Last Guardian
Unfinished Swan
Dust 514
Yakuza 5
One Piece Pirate Warriors
Sound Shapes
Kingdom Under Fire 2
The Witch and the Hundred Knights

NonApplicable2039d ago

Agent is clearly dead in the water

nukeitall2039d ago

I gotta laugh every time somebody posts Last Guardian or Agent. Those games have been on the "exclusive list war" for years running.

That is how Sony gets the "supposed" win every year, putting unreleased games on it repeatedly!

This year's lineup for PS3 is the weakest in a long time as there is no blockbuster exclusive.

It looks like to me that next year is gonna be an awesome year though if Last of Us, Beyond, Gears of War Judgement and Bungie's game is released!

SockeyBoy2039d ago

I bought a PS3 cause you guys always talk about how good it is and the games. I sold it after 3 months. Heavy Rain was AWESOME, but the rest were meh. I think the XBLA games have more replay value then these PS3 exclusives you guys brag about.

Cueil2039d ago

or... Sony is spending money it doesn't have on titles that probably wont sell while Microsoft leaves most of it's development up to 3rd party while it focuses on development and logistics of releasing a new system. You can spin it however you like. This is a business and they are trying to make money. Sony's best selling games are all third party titles. I see one for sure game and one probably and the rest are probably going to tank or break even. Microsoft is publish two games that will probably bring in more revenue then every game on that list and in the end that's the most important thing for a company at the end of a consoles life cycle. It's been 7 years for Microsoft and 6 for Sony next year that will be 8 and 7... So I doubt you'll see more then two big games being announced for the PS3 next year if any. Aaaand I don't even know why I wrote all this crap, but I guess I'll post it anyway and enjoy my "disagrees"

Willio2039d ago

New IPs now = more sequels later. Just saying.

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hennessey862039d ago

Feels like Sony is just getting into its stride, the quality of the games it showed at E3 was epic, maybe the PS3 could go on for a long time yet which could work for Sony, if they can delay the release of the PS4 by a few years it would come out way more powerful then the 720.

Dms20122039d ago

Suddenly e3 was epic for Sony? Odd how not one of Sony's exclusives have attracted me this entire generation to log hours and hours playing them like Microsoft exclusives. Its quality, not quantity that counts.

ksense2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

you crack me up bro.just because they did not attract you does not mean they are not quality games. i hope you have played them to make that quality/quantity argument. uncharted games, killzone 2 and 3 resistance 3 journey god of war 3, heavy rain and more coming like last of us, beyond and there are many more. if you think any of these are not quality games i pity you. quality AND quantity is what I want

greenlantern28142039d ago

you most not like great games if nothing sony has offered attracted you. nothing no god of war, uncharted, killzone, LBP, Ratchet and clank, and future titles like last of us, the last guardian nothing you like there at all. and what 360 has gears and halo. and tons of crappy kinect games. and sony's e3 might not have been epic but it was far better than xbox and nintendo

Trebius512039d ago

PS3 has so many quality games AND quantity that whenever someone says they dont like any games on the PS3, theyre in other words saying "I dont like games".

PS3 has more variety than 360 and that's one thing that wont change it seems, because MS is still just releasing the same 3 tired games over and over with their 500mil dollar marketing campaigns.

PS3 is all about variety...they dont focus on Move like 360 does with Kinect, they just make games Move functional like killzone, infamous and uncharted...

Darth Stewie2039d ago

If the 360 is fizzling out than the Wii is on life support.

Lucretia2039d ago

im pretty sure the wii is dead to mostly everyone but the hardcore with those last 3 good games on its way.

the 360 has been dead to me for like 3 years, every once in a while ressurecting with its annual halo and gears rotations.

the 360 is just about kinect now, nothing else.

Cueil2039d ago

I guess I should just not get Halo 4 and Gears of War spin off then right?

LiamIRL822039d ago

I started off this gen with a 360 and a Wii, now both of them are long gone and I just have a PS3, the best console ever. I would really love if Sony created a super slim PS3.

Gamer-Z2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Same here i loved my Xbox 360 when it first came out, 2007 to 2009 was an awesome time to be a 360 gamer but fast track to 2012 and it feels like MS has all but completely abandoned the core. Now I only game on the PS3 and i'm loving it, it reminds me of gaming on the 360 before it went totally casual.

dalibor2039d ago

At least you had a good time gaming on the 360. I've only had the Ps3 and I am happy that it's been great fun to this day.

Cueil2039d ago

Dude this is year 7... wake up...normally we'd already have new consoles.

TBM2039d ago

this past sunday i traded in my 360 because it lacked the variety i want, and the fact they keep retreaded the same 3-4 exclusives without adding new ones.

also they are shoving this kinect crap, app, and useless features i dont care about down most peoples throats.

sony will always have my support because they support me with want i want variety, new ips, core gaming.

ShaunCameron2039d ago

Same here.

Wii - hardly used much this year aside from Sonic Colors and Xenoblade Chronicles

XBox 360 - still get a good amount of use for most multiplatform games

PlayStation 3 - haven't been used in a month. At this point, I'm only buying exclusives.

Spydiggity2039d ago

In case you were wondering how to get your crappy article to the top of N4G, take notes here. I'm going to bed now, when i get up, this will be a top article.

rezzah2039d ago

Are you jealous for the appreciation of a console that you do not enjoy?

Cueil2039d ago

no but he understand the audience and so does this guy... most posters are pro sony though I wonder why so many flock here?

CommonSense2039d ago

He was right, wasn't he? It's the number one article. Pandering at its finest. And you people eat it up.

EZFoxOne2039d ago

Love the amount of disagrees you got on that one. I wonder if they still disagree...

Being a PC gamer, I have no partiality to any of the consoles. But man, you guys sure love flame wars.

"My opinions better!"
"NO! My opinions better!"
"You suck at life!"
"PS3 Sucks!"
"NO! Xbox is for pansies!"
"Wii all the way, baby!"

That last one was for funsies... ;)