Roger Ebert Approves of Anti-Last of Us Article

GR: "Bless him, Roger Ebert is sharing his opinion on video games again and, believe it or not, his view doesn't seem to have changed."

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arbitor3652219d ago

i don't even feel like addressing people like this. Ebert is an old, pretentious shriv, who understands nothing of the video game medium.

from the article
"It’s a struggle between loud, assaultive, photorealistic game design that rewards wispy attention spans while demanding minimal problem-solving skills of its players and … games where shotguns to the face and chainsaws to the jugular are not so essential."

wow. this person's knowledge of the video game medium is so lacking that they were unable to grasp what they were watching in the "last of us" footage. the level of depth, strategy, realism, and intensity shown in Last of Us is extraordinary and it is certainly not mindless shooting.

mistajeff2219d ago

The medium doesn't need Ebert's approval to be a legitimate art form anyway, and we should stop wasting our time trying to convince him to change his mind. Ultimately, art is what the individual defines it to be, and Ebert is only one individual out of billions. If he doesn't want to accept interactive media as art, it's his loss, and no one else's.

Nimblest-Assassin2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

didn't this same article come out 2 days ago?

I do not see why people care for the opinion of this film critic on video games or the writer who dismissed both Watch Dogs and Last of us as mindless..

Here is my original response to the first article

The reason that these two dismissed the game is because they do not think it is artistic, and dismissed it as another gears of war. Unfortunately they do not understand the fact that ND is trying to convey human emotions through their Ai. He also stated that our excitement for TLOU and Watch Dogs makes no sense as we should be praising games like Pikmin 3 and last guardian... which is funny because last guardian WAS NOT AT THE GOD DAMN CONFERENCE.

He ignorantly dismissed the game... I would have understood this, but what really made me know the guy who wrote the article is really out of touch with gaming is this statement

"2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the second highest-selling video game of all-time in the U.S., was in many ways the Dark Knight of gaming. It solidified an ongoing franchise while exploring themes of terrorism and reprisal from the point of view of American protectors working Dick Cheney’s “dark side” to produce results. As Seth Seichel wrote in a New York Times review of the game, “Basically, the player, in the guise of an American commando, can participate in a massacre of unarmed civilians. ‘It will cost you a piece of yourself,’ your commander says of the mission. ‘It will cost nothing compared to everything you’ll save.’”"


The fact he had the audacity to compare it with the Dark knight is an insult to both gamers and movie goers. COD doesn't care about the plot only the money they generate by teenagers.

That is how I know that we should dismiss this article... because the guy has no clue about the gaming medium at all

He also said Joel was wearing camo... jesus christ thats when you know this guy has no idea about what he is talking about

This film critic simply agreed with this, however this is the article that made me facepalm hard when I saw MW2 is the pinnacle of game story telling...

God that statement made me want to puke. Especially with games like MGS, Assassins Creed, Bioshock, RDR, Half-life, Uncharted, Halo, CALL OF DUTY HAS THE BEST STORY IN GAMING? GTFO

Oh and this guy wasn't at E3.... he's commenting based on youtube footage... no wonder he thinks the last guardian was at e3... but I do love the sheer amounts of sarcasm ND is giving both of them #yourwelcome

Idiotic article written by Steve Boone:

Thatguy-3102219d ago

He must be judging the game just on the E3 demo without knowing background info. This is just another hack and slash zombie game for him. Doesn't matter GAMERS know this is the real deal and excited for it regardless for what this guy "thinks".

FarCryLover1822219d ago

He's good at movie reviews but he needs to step out of the talking about games negatively business. It's just a generation thing, just like how older people struggle with technology, he just struggles grasping that games should be enjoyed by all and they are not a mediocre form of entertainment. However, in several decades this bias in the movie critics should start to subside.

TheTwelve2219d ago

Yup, the game will be brutal. Yup, it will be violent. Yup, it will not be for all. Everybody has the freedom to choose not play it. Plenty of sweeter games for those who hold Ebert's opinion.


goldwyncq2219d ago

Ebert doesn't belong in the video game industry

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