Diablo 2: Retro Review [GE]

Gaming Enthusiast goes back to an old classic and tried it on for size.

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WeedyOne1919d ago

Wish Diablo 3 was half as good as Diablo 1&2.....

reznik_zerosum1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

d3 is equal to d2 for me,but D1 is just another league from those two and basically any other game

CLOUD19831919d ago

D3 suck donkey ass, D2 is ages ahead of D3 in every aspect dont compare those 2 games they r completely different fruits, D3 is WoW inspired it's nothing like the masterpiece from Blizzard North, D3 suck so much because it was made from different devs they ruin the franchise & create a new WoW v2.5 with some Diablo themes that's it.