5 top PlayStation Vita tips to get the most out of your handheld

PlayStation Universe has a handful of nifty little tips to get the most of PlayStation Vita.

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DeFFeR2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )


It's really a 3 item list though - #1 and #5 should have been combined. 2 is a good tip, and 3 is a workaround for an annoying problem, although it's much easier to open the browser first, and then open the game (doesn't prompt to close the browser).

#4 is false though - that may work with PS3, but it doesn't work with Vita. It's locked to one account.

DivineAssault 2219d ago

Battery on my vita is fine.. I close my apps & shut it off when i stop playing it.. Does anyone know a good site to download themes or wallpapers for it? i cant figure out how to download them off the searched websites i looked for

iceman062219d ago

IGN had a Vita Wiki with some homemade wallpapers. For those you simply had to select the picture by using the touch screen and then select save pic.

SpinalRemains1382219d ago

Evrything is very self explanatory except for the Live TWeet to use the browser while in game. I was not aware of that, and while I don;t see the need to do so, I always love tricks like that to override what the device will not allow. Good job, guys!

DeFFeR2219d ago

You could also just open the browser first, and then play the game - it wont prompt the browser to close.