How Harry Potter's Book Of Spells has given PlayStation Move a new lease of life

PlayStation Universe looks at the impact that Wonderbook may have on the future of Move and Sony's direction

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THC CELL2187d ago

BBC worldwide is in love with wonderbook

t0mmyb0y2186d ago

Haah. It should do alright as long as they have a bunch of books in the works

JellyJelly2186d ago

I think it will be forgotten before it's even released.

Spydiggity2186d ago

from the e3 demo i saw, it seemed like move had little to do with it. it was mostly about the eye toy and the book.

will_c_752186d ago

The author is correct. This could be a great educational tool, but just not for kids. As a parent of a teenager, I see the struggles of trying to stay focused on schoolwork, but they don't have the same focus problems, when it comes to electronic media. Interactive text books would be great. As you are studying history in class, teacher could assign a chapter for home work, the student could go home and watch the chapter come alive. Then they could answer questions right on screen, and automatically send the hw scores back to the teacher. Make fun games out it , and you might see kids pulling marathon homework sessions. This could benefit adults as well, especially the DIYers.there is one thing I know I would use the hell out of. In the US (not sure outside) we have car manuals from companies Chilton and Haynes. It would be great if you could download the one for your car and virtually do any maintenence on your car with an exploded view, before attempting to do it blindly on your actual car.

Summons752186d ago

but....wounderbook....was the worst demo at e3

ExPresident2186d ago

I'd watch it again before I watched that Usher crap. Wonderbook was bad, but not that bad.

Summons752186d ago

usher wasn't a demo, read before you attempt to troll

iceman062186d ago

The demo WAS pretty flawed, but the concept and promise...not so much. As an adult, it's not my cup of tea. However, if I had kids...I bet they would be all over it. It's pretty cool that you can turn your surroundings into a Harry Potter training sim.

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