3DS XL battery life detailed

Nintendo has detailed the battery life of the 3DS XL.

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lilmetal2040d ago

So, why are they making this thing again...?

crazy_gooner2040d ago

It's a money maker I guess. They dovit with every single console they release around a year after. How they get away with it I do not know.

I bought a 3DS and traded for Vita and glad I did now so if I were to ever own a 3ds again it will be the XL. Also IMO it's disgraceful how no power adapter is included.

--Onilink--2040d ago

the American version does come with the adapter. Its just in Europe and Japan. I think they had done this in the past with the DSXL

NukaCola2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I can't believe after that udder embarrassment of an attachment that adds a second slider thumb stick, they didn't even add one in this new model to make this thing more convenient to a larger group of gamers. Now if you want to play duel thumb stick, you'll have to buy another attachment. Come on Nintendo, this is BS guys.

DivineAssault 2040d ago

$200 & nothing bundled in?! HA! they may rip off other ppl but not me.. CCP will be huge on that thing (if they make it) and they put a $4 4gb sd card instead of a charge dock or adapter?????? Vita AC bundle is a much MUCH better value..