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Chad from We Got This Covered wrote:

"Developing a brand new intellectual property in the video game industry is risky business. Having nothing to draw from means that their costs are almost always higher than that of sequels, and there’s never a guarantee that those funds will be recovered through sales. With that receptive uncertainty taken into account, it’s understandable that a lot of companies have seemed to shy away from delivering new experiences in favour of projects that they know will make money. Though, while some applaud that mentality and look forward to lining up for a popular shooter’s fifth sequel, there are many others who dream of an industry that was more open to experimentation. Thankfully for those folks, and those of us who like a mix of everything, there’s still a decent amount of development teams out there who are vying to create the next big, but unique, thing."

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arbitor3652157d ago

a 75? really? this is one of the best portable games ever made and it sets all sorts of high watermarks for handelds in terms of its scope, visuals, and controls. I dont understand what scale you could possible be using in order for this game to have a 75. its nonsense