Have You Ever Broken A Controller In Anger? I Have

It's OK to get frustrated by a video game. They're often designed to do just that. But there's a line you cross once you get past frustration, and once you get to the other side, you're in angytown. That's usually not OK. It's a sign you should maybe put the controller down, take a step outside and take a deep breath.

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NastyLeftHook02098d ago

no because i know its just a game...

360GamerFG2098d ago

Worse, I banged the top of my friend's ps1 (big one) so hard that it couldn't read discs anymore because I'd broken the spinner!
All this because I was convinced the computer was cheating against me in Tekken 3! I later fixed it by taking the spinner off of a broken discman I had.
Oh to be a teenager!

WitWolfy2098d ago

I once threw my remote that it shattered while playing NG 2 on 360.. Damn that game got the best of me