Pre-order Darksiders II from the THQ store and receive gear, DLC

THQ has sweetened the deal for fans of the Darksiders series that pre-order the game’s next installment, Darksiders II, from the THQ store. The company has announced that pre-orders placed through shopTHQ will receive an exclusive set of in-game armor and the second and third DLC packs at no cost.

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Chucky20032130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

this is the first time i don't mind about the DLC preorder,cause i know the game will be good ,and the situation THQ is in,i want this game to be successful for them ,to be able to make another sequel

yeahokchief2130d ago

Damn that mask with the collector's edition looks pretty damn cool. I like that they're giving you the DLC for preordering too. That pretty much seals the deal for me. So frustrating having to buy DLC for all my games after laying down $60 on release.

Hope they get to make a Darksiders III & IV for 4player coop as the horsemen. First one was very good. Gamer's game.

rezzah2130d ago

Best buy still offers the best.

Angels of Death pack.