The Nintendo 3DS XL and Wii U share design language

"Adopting an actual design strategy, something that as an Industrial Designer I can appreciate, Nintendo seems to finally be pushing a constant design language at the company.

The newly announced 3DS XL features the same control and d-pad buttons as the Wii U’s Gamepad, overall body theme (the soap bar), and round power button."

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PopRocks3592193d ago

Yeah, I noticed the similarities.

Shame there's no second nub. I reckon that was to keep the user base from being separated. Circle Pad Pro XL anyone?

metroid322193d ago

Ive palyed all the games that are compatible with the pro i just dont think you need it as i never found a problem playing MH3G with the touch screen its easy enough and works well so not interested in second circle pad considering ive not felt the need to use it so far.