Nintendo has really screwed up its 3DS hardware strategy this time

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I believe this move by Nintendo is reactionary rather than strategic, and I worry that Nintendo has spread itself far too thin so early in the game. The core 3DS hardware was already more than adequate, and Nintendo should have focused on pushing that out to a wider audience, rather than adopt a dual-hardware strategy."

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Abash2187d ago

Sorry but Im saving my money for a Wii U, not dropping $200 on this

Troll-without-Bridge2187d ago

Since when its an "either\or" situation? Its a revision for people who are interested in a bigger screen and better battery, nothing more.

Lucretia2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

yet no AC adapter and still no 2nd analog. Sounds like a smack in the face........

not to mention the already existing 2nd analog add on will need a revision to work with this

nintendo is trolling this gen

one thing i've learned from nintendo is dont buy their handhelds early. the GBa saw like 4 revisions, the ds has like 5 revisions and the 3ds isnt even a year old and has 1 revision.

im not so stupid to think nintendo wouldnt trry to troll anyone.

so i always wait 2-3 years to buy a nintendo handheld. by then there are tons of good games, a great price and i would have the best model

Troll-without-Bridge2186d ago

A smack in the face for who? to all those nice people having a blast with their awesome 3Ds games that don't require a second analog? Games don't need it when properly developed. Ocarina of time didnt need it, Resident evil didn't need it, Dream drop distance didn't need it.

The second analog is just an option for the less skilled.

Hicken2186d ago

Just because the second analog stick is there doesn't mean it's necessarily gonna be used.

That said, it's silly to come out with an accessory that addresses the LACK of such a device, which truly does increase the potential of any game, and then have a revision that disregards that entirely.

Will they now have a standard-sized 3DS that has two analogs, or will they skip over that completely and revise the XL later on down the line to have an extra? Will they eschew another redesign altogether and just make a Circle Pad Pro XL?

I'm also confused at where the "less skilled" idea comes from. Does it somehow take more skill to play a game that requires one analog stick than it does to play a game that needs two?

Nimblest-Assassin2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

A second anolog is just an option for the less skilled


words can not describe the stupidity of that statement

MGS3D-panned because of poor camera
Kid Icarus- panned for poor camera
Resident Evil- panned for poor camera

The best 3DS games Mario World 3d and ocarina are games that were built without the need of an second analog

Second analog is not for the lesser skilled, second analog makes games better

But judging by your name... yeah, no words can possibly describe your stupidity

josephayal2186d ago

3DS has more games right now than WII-U

FredEffinChopin2186d ago

Wii-U isn't out. Atari Jaguar has more games than Wii-U...


Khordchange2187d ago

Wii U for me, Not that XL. If it had a second analog and maybe a adapter, but it doesn't, so nope

GillHarrison2187d ago (Edited 2187d ago )

Absolutely correct! Now how the heck are you supposed use the attachment. I would have traded up if it had the stick built in.

Sgt_Slaughter2186d ago

It does come with an adapter in America... don't know how many of you know this yet but it was confirmed last night at IGN and Nintendo Everything. Just to let you guys know...

sloth33952186d ago

not everyone who comments in here is from america so that might be why they are saying that

BringingTheThunder2187d ago

xl looks good, i just wish i hadnt spent money on the regular 3ds already

allyc4t2187d ago

Have not bought a 3DS yet, but I'm seriously consdidering the 3DS XL. But if the Vita has a price drop, I'd rather get that...

ardivt2187d ago

yeah now I'll get a vita and wait for a 3DS with two analoge sticks.

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