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Submitted by MattS 1331d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo has really screwed up its 3DS hardware strategy this time

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I believe this move by Nintendo is reactionary rather than strategic, and I worry that Nintendo has spread itself far too thin so early in the game. The core 3DS hardware was already more than adequate, and Nintendo should have focused on pushing that out to a wider audience, rather than adopt a dual-hardware strategy." (3DS, Nintendo)

Abash  +   1331d ago
Sorry but Im saving my money for a Wii U, not dropping $200 on this
Troll-without-Bridge  +   1331d ago
Since when its an "either\or" situation? Its a revision for people who are interested in a bigger screen and better battery, nothing more.
Lucretia  +   1331d ago
yet no AC adapter and still no 2nd analog. Sounds like a smack in the face........

not to mention the already existing 2nd analog add on will need a revision to work with this

nintendo is trolling this gen

one thing i've learned from nintendo is dont buy their handhelds early. the GBa saw like 4 revisions, the ds has like 5 revisions and the 3ds isnt even a year old and has 1 revision.

im not so stupid to think nintendo wouldnt trry to troll anyone.

so i always wait 2-3 years to buy a nintendo handheld. by then there are tons of good games, a great price and i would have the best model
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Troll-without-Bridge  +   1331d ago
A smack in the face for who? to all those nice people having a blast with their awesome 3Ds games that don't require a second analog? Games don't need it when properly developed. Ocarina of time didnt need it, Resident evil didn't need it, Dream drop distance didn't need it.

The second analog is just an option for the less skilled.
Hicken  +   1331d ago
Just because the second analog stick is there doesn't mean it's necessarily gonna be used.

That said, it's silly to come out with an accessory that addresses the LACK of such a device, which truly does increase the potential of any game, and then have a revision that disregards that entirely.

Will they now have a standard-sized 3DS that has two analogs, or will they skip over that completely and revise the XL later on down the line to have an extra? Will they eschew another redesign altogether and just make a Circle Pad Pro XL?

I'm also confused at where the "less skilled" idea comes from. Does it somehow take more skill to play a game that requires one analog stick than it does to play a game that needs two?
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1330d ago
A second anolog is just an option for the less skilled


words can not describe the stupidity of that statement

MGS3D-panned because of poor camera
Kid Icarus- panned for poor camera
Resident Evil- panned for poor camera

The best 3DS games Mario World 3d and ocarina are games that were built without the need of an second analog

Second analog is not for the lesser skilled, second analog makes games better

But judging by your name... yeah, no words can possibly describe your stupidity
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josephayal  +   1330d ago
3DS has more games right now than WII-U
FredEffinChopin  +   1330d ago
Wii-U isn't out. Atari Jaguar has more games than Wii-U...

Khordchange  +   1331d ago
Wii U for me, Not that XL. If it had a second analog and maybe a adapter, but it doesn't, so nope
GillHarrison  +   1331d ago
Absolutely correct! Now how the heck are you supposed use the attachment. I would have traded up if it had the stick built in.
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Sgt_Slaughter  +   1330d ago
It does come with an adapter in America... don't know how many of you know this yet but it was confirmed last night at IGN and Nintendo Everything. Just to let you guys know...
sloth3395  +   1330d ago
not everyone who comments in here is from america so that might be why they are saying that
BringingTheThunder  +   1331d ago
xl looks good, i just wish i hadnt spent money on the regular 3ds already
Skateboard  +   1331d ago
allyc4t  +   1331d ago
Have not bought a 3DS yet, but I'm seriously consdidering the 3DS XL. But if the Vita has a price drop, I'd rather get that...
ardivt  +   1331d ago
yeah now I'll get a vita and wait for a 3DS with two analoge sticks.
mshope10  +   1331d ago
This not a revision its just a bigger screen option like dsi xl.they wanted to bring out dsi, and dsi xl at the same time.but they came out a year apart i think this is the same thing.

Some people want bigger screens.and some people want to be able to carry out around easy.they will keep making both systems side by side.

I'm love my 3ds cause i can carry it in my pocket.that's why i won't get the xl or vita they are to big for a pocket but some people only play at home so this is a better option.
dotwithshoes  +   1331d ago
Vita's not really that large.. it does fit into your pocket. Not as well as a 3DS, but still fits.
gk07  +   1331d ago
getting this : ) lmao and a wii u
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1331d ago
So when Sony redid the PSP 2 times, not in design but just some minor add-ons, and then came out with the Go, no one complained.

Nintendo is releasing a 2nd option to the 3DS line-up, WHICH IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, so people can have a choice... and everyone goes ape**** crazy.

If you're going to call bull**** on one company, and praise another, you better choose one or the other.

ANYWAY, I am buying this for 2 reasons...

1. I had my Red 3DS stolen a month ago
2. and I love the big screens they put in. It will make games like New SMB II, Animal Crossing, and Luigi's Mansion a lot easier to play.
wnek9  +   1331d ago
the biggest issue is that it doesnt have a second circle pad and all 3 the psp's revisions were criticized aswell for that same reason.
StarFox  +   1331d ago
whos talking about the PSP? my god you fanboys will take anything up the ass when peoples opinions differ from yours. the PSP was shit on from kingdom come for iterations not having major changes but also for not having a second analog anyone with a PSP will tell you that. so please stop with the fanboy bullshit.
badz149  +   1331d ago
"So when Sony redid the PSP 2 times, not in design but just some minor add-ons, and then came out with the Go, no one complained."

PSP2000 (2007) came out almost 3 years after the original (2004) and is 33% lighter and 19% thinner than the original. it also came with 100% more RAM too! that's more than "minor add-ons"! while this 3DS XL comes just a year after the original!

PSP3000 (2008) came a year after PSP2000 and that was quite minor and the Go! (2009) came in a year later with 16GB flash, bluetooth and totally different design!

but you said "no one complained"? are you new to the internet? there was a lot of complaints over the Go! with the price and not all games available on PSN, it did get a lot of complaints!

and are you seriously comparing 3 hardware revisions of PSP when the DS has the same amount of redesigns? the DS, DS Lite, DSi & DSi XL! what's your point again?
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1330d ago
I had my blue 3ds stolen too, and I got it on release... I have been holding back because I knew they would redesign it.... however, this is not the news I was hoping for...
mushroomwig  +   1330d ago
Nobody complained about the PSP Go? Are you kidding? That product was widely hated.
Linsolv  +   1330d ago
Problem: Everyone complained about the Go.
colonel179  +   1331d ago

I think people is "complaining" more that the redesign doesn't have a second analog stick than having a bigger model. Actually, I think it would have a bigger impact if they had redesign the original 3DS with the second analog, with the announcement of the XL.

Nintedo screwed up since the second analog stick is requested even by developers, so they might choose in the future to do games for Vita instead.
live2play  +   1331d ago
selling my VITA and getting this BEAST
KonaBro  +   1331d ago
I doubt you have a Vita. As for the 3DSXL, if Gamestop offers some sort of trade in program where I can trade in my 3DS for a XL then I'll do it but if not, then forget it. This is a horrible revision.
Hicken  +   1331d ago

Which is it, troll?
KonaBro  +   1331d ago
r21  +   1331d ago
didnt you say in that you havent even gotten a vita yet :L
CandyCaptain  +   1331d ago
I am literally shaking my head in disappointment right now...
solidjun5  +   1331d ago
LOL! what a lying troll. so you got your vita for only 7 hours and then decided to sell it? hahaha. Wow. It's funny how defend against anyone who trolls Nintendo news and then go on and troll yourself.
Waddy101  +   1330d ago
Are you an unstable di-atomic molecule?
Or just a liar, according to your recent comments you don't even have a Vita.
ScubaSteve1  +   1331d ago
i dont really get the point. why get a handheld with a bigger screen? can anyone tell me whats the point
irishyort  +   1331d ago
if you are going to put an upgrade out, at least add the upgrades that you did for the system in the interm.

ie: Where the hell is the 2nd circle pad???
Godmars290  +   1331d ago
Wait, what happened to that second joystick add-on they were suppose to be putting out? Why doesn't this have one?

@ScubaSteve1: Point is, my guess, they're compensating for the Vita's screen.

But still - no second stick?
joab777  +   1331d ago
Is Nintendo having a hard time with forward thinking? I am having a hard time seeing a way in which Microsoft and Sony don't bury Nintendo next Gen. Microsoft may win the mobile war without producing a smartglass. Though I must say that the windows 8, Xbox 720, Surface Pro, and Windows phone connection looks pretty astounding right now. Imagine the possibilities with seemless integration like apple but including a next Gen console.

Sony is beginning to harness vitas capabilities but I wrote many responses in reference to the fact that Sony should have gone head to head with mobile gaming. Create the vita with full tablet functionality by partnering with Google. It could have been huge. Imagine all the gamers that would have passed on an iPad to get a vita. Microsoft has the right idea and instead of being late to the party like they were with motion controls, now they will rival Nintendo without any production costs (smartglass vs. WiiU controller).

Imagine that you buy Dragons Dogma 2 for Xbox 720(I am playing it & love it...on ps3 though because I love my ps3 lol). It looks fantastic too. U turn on ur machine and start the game without touching anything. U fire up ur smartphone or new Surface and load smartglass for DD2. U begin playing but on ur smartscreen are all ur present stats, ur inventory, and quests, along with a map with ur location. U can set ur tablet to inventory and ur phone to map. Also, there is ur friends info, whether they are on and what they r playing. At any time u can press a button, speak a message and send it. When u r done or take a break, u grab ur phone and bring it with u. There may be mini games to play to get gold or exp. U can also check ur inventory and maybe visit stores etc. U can play the inventory screen game before u load back up and head out on ur next quest. The possibilities r endless.

Now don't get me wrong, I like nintendo but I feel like Microsoft and Sony have a huge advantage heading into next Gen. And while I love Sony and have been apprehensive about Microsoft's 1st party titles recently, the introduction of smartglass, Surface and seemingly seemless hardware integration definitely has Microsoft poised to be king.
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StarFox  +   1331d ago
And what does all that rubbish have to do with the 3ds? Sorry but the 3ds and vita are not mobile phones they're dedicated hanheld devices for games. If you like all that crap go play with the windows phone.
ArtificiallyYours  +   1330d ago
"U" and "UR" flooded posts are nothing to get flustered about.
jayzablade  +   1331d ago
have fun juggling multiple devices, i'll stick to just one!!
A7XEric  +   1331d ago
No second circle pad? Me no buy.

Seriously though, until Pokemon 3DS or a 3DS redesign that includes a second circle pad gets announced, I won't be buying one.
AWBrawler  +   1331d ago
leave it to N4G to blow shit out of proportion. Its n option plain and simple. Nobody gets mad at LG for having different Size TVs. Same here. Choose your screen size preference.
tweet75  +   1331d ago
give me new super mario brothers 2 as a pack in and charge $199 and ill buy it otherwise no
mxkite  +   1331d ago
My god... the original 3ds is already ugly and they still managed to make it even worst. they think that people are going to spend extra 200 for a product that is exactly the same just for the bigger screen
omarzy  +   1331d ago
How do TV makers stay in business? same product with a different screen size.
SecretPsycho  +   1331d ago
Apart from this is a handheld
klecser  +   1331d ago
I think many of you (and gamers in general) are underestimating the difficulty in "just adding another circle pad to the device." There may be difficulty in making other games backwards compatible that were not designed for it. What, are they going to patch 100 games? Contact every developer of every game and RE-CONTRACT with them to patch their games? That's bad business. What about people who don't have internet access that may not be able to play those games without the patches?

The thing is that there are a bunch of business problems with adding that second circle pad that few gamers consider because gamers always think that the primary thing driving the industry is gamer need/desire. Sorry, its not. Its money. Many of you just refuse to acknowledge that.
#19 (Edited 1331d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Waddy101  +   1330d ago
They don't have to make the other games backwards compatible though do they. They could leave those games as they are i mean the stick doesn't have to be used does it?

From my point of view i would've liked a second circle pad but from looking at the device you can see why. If they had added a second circle pad it would be very uncomfortable to use that second Circle pad and press the ABXY buttons.
klecser  +   1330d ago
If you don't include backwards compatibility you alienate a huge portion of your market. Its bad business practice.
Waddy101  +   1330d ago
What you are saying makes NO SENSE. The games will still work on the 3DS XL if it still had a second circle pad. They don't need to utilise it.

It's bad business practice to release a handheld and then a short while after release think, "Oh no, we made a mistake in the design, let's correct it with a peripheral" And then forgot to include that correction in a subsequent re-design.
klecser  +   1330d ago
You don't know that they would work Waddy. You're not a programmer. And even if they do work, you'd be selling a machine that has functions that are not usable with past software.

This is all part of the flawed current gamer psyche that "I can't go backwards and play games that don't have a second analogue stick."

You're entitled to say that my opinions "make no sense." Here's another opinion: you're thinking with your heart, not your head. Your opinions are based upon what you WANT, not what is practical or possible.
Waddy101  +   1330d ago
I'm not a progammer? Erm yes i am. I have a Masters in Computer Science with Maths.
I think i know what im talking about.
It doesn't matter if it has got new functions, adding an analog stick to the base hardware would not affect how any existing games run.

I'm thinking with logical reasoning, it makes sense to include something in the next revision of hardware if you realise that you should've had it in the first place.
DivineAssault  +   1331d ago
not interested in the slightest bit.. I had a dsi xl & while bigger was better, u can see the pixelation a lot more.. $200 is too expensive & i read somewhere that theres no charging dock or ac adapter.. WHY?! they put a cheap ass 4gb sd card in there instead?? not happening here.. Not getting Wii U either til i see some change in their philosophy on their games... i guess i outgrew nintendo stuff cuz normally i would be all over these things but all im seeing from them lately is the same $hit w btr graphics..
StraightPath  +   1330d ago
The original ds did not need a second analog worked perfectly with stylus. I played metriod on it without any problems. The stylus reli accurate. The 3ds doesnt need a second analog it works perfectly too. The circle pad is a option that enables players to use it if they wish for a preferred control. so shut the f**k up losers. 3ds highest selling handheld destroying competition. Driods complain about second analog and circle pad its like saying the ps3 pad needs REAL triggers. Haha have u seen those attachements lol again optional am not using it saying the ps3 pad needs triggers. Owned.
Ezio-Auditore00  +   1330d ago
Will this have any hardware upgrades or is it just the size

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