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Ashunderfire862129d ago

WTF!!!! Why they never mention this at E3?

SactoGamer2129d ago

I agree, but I think they wanted to focus on the Wii U during E3.

V0LT2128d ago

They failed even doing that properly..

SactoGamer2129d ago

I was actually waiting for something like this.

Trenta272129d ago

Remember that it doesn't have a AC adapter. I don't even know what they were thinking not including it.

Eazy-Eman2129d ago

At ign it says that an AC adapter comes with the 3DS XL...but only in North America.

klecser2129d ago

Confirmed by multiple sources ^^^^

NA release will have an adapter.

GraveLord2129d ago


Nintendo are liars. Remember how they denied a 3DS XL a few days ago?

Apex132129d ago

what they denied was an upgrade/modification, which this is not.

--Onilink--2129d ago

actually this is a modification... and what he is talking about is about a rumor from Nikkei stating nintendo would reveal a 3DS XL which Miyamoto denied.

So technically he is right, they "lied" but more than anything for obvious reasons... would you rather show a new product in a Nintendo Direct Conference, or just have someone tell in an interview the rumor is right and not show anything

ChunkyLover532129d ago

This was rumored for E3, so I figured it would be coming sooner or later. Those screens look sexy, and a $199 price point with it coming with a memory card is a perfect example on how to put a package together. I'm definitely interested.

shackdaddy2129d ago

I haven't bought a 3ds yet(been waiting for the upgraded version). As long as the bigger screen doesn't make the graphics look worse, I think I'll buy this one...

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The story is too old to be commented.