Diablo III's failures and why Torchlight II can't come soon enough

GGTL says: "Over a month ago, this article would have read very differently. With Torchlight II on the horizon and Diablo III releasing to record-breaking sales, it seemed obvious that Runic Games missed the proverbial train and gamers, like us, were insulted they'd go up against the behemoth that is Diablo. However, after a botched launch, questionable updates and a significant amount of time spent in Sanctuary, we find ourselves looking forward to Torchlight II more than ever before. It's not because D3 is a bad game, it's just a perfect example of how time can change even the most primal aspects of game design."

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allyc4t2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Comparing Torchlight 2 to Diablo 3 is like comparing a Chrysler to a Ferrari.

People are going to be sorely dissapointed when T2 comes out.

There is a reason it's 20 bucks.

And this is coming from someone who has played T1 and has T2 pre-purchased on Steam. I know what T2 is going to be. Something to play when I'm bored of Diablo 3. Not something that is going to replace it.

SeekDev2135d ago

You don't know that though. Not until you at least try it.

Perjoss2134d ago

This is exactly what the T2 devs want you to think. Nothing wrong with it though as this is what keeps the industry alive, the sales.

SeekDev2134d ago

You don't have to buy it to try it. The original Torchlight had a demo, so I assume that the second will have a demo as well.

Obviously they want me to think their game is good, but I'm not saying that either. I've never played Torchlight 2, so until I at least try the demo, I don't know if it's good or bad.

All I'm saying is that there's always a chance that something will be good or bad. We simply can't know, it's literally impossible.

DeleteThisxx2135d ago

LOL @ allyc4t

Really dude? Please tell me you're trolling.

Blizzard is constantly sucking the fun out of Diablo III and continuously telling people HOW they should play the game. Anytime something viable comes out pertaining to farming, they nerf it. Anytime a weapon affix actually DOES SOMETHING worthwhile, they nerf it.

I actually read a reply from a Blizzard employee regarding why something was nerfed and they said, "we don't feel that is fun for players." Who the hell are they to determine what is fun? I invested PLENTY of time into D3 already (I WAS progressing through Act III Inferno) and now I'm just done and waiting for Torchlight. Blizzard is practically FORCING you to use the RMAH because they completely destroy your options for gold farming and even obliterate the use of high MF gear. Drops are still as crappy as ever despite the "buff" to inferno drops.

Blizzard messed up big time with D3 and there is no denying that they lost their way. D2 was a masterpiece and D3 is already ruined (for now) not even 3 months after release. I can guarantee T2 will be a better game as long as Blizzard maintains this "Nerf everything so people use AH" mentality.

allyc4t2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Blizzard has not sucked the fun out for me. I'm constantly enjoying the game everytime I get a chance to sit down and play it either by myself or with friends.

And the RMAH complaining is so overused it's disguting. It's not exactly the cash cow that everyone makes it out to be. Yet it's the first thing people point to whenever Blizzard does something. Guess what? It's COMPLETELY optional. You don't have to use it. You aren't forced to use it. I have had no issues progressing into Inferno without spending a penny of real life money whatsoever. But hey, maybe that's just me.

Anyways, you must have not played Diablo 2 at launch. People where bitching in the exact same manner as they are now with Diablo 3. And guess what? "D2 was a masterpiece." It surely didn't start out that way.

*This was a good discussion until you called me a Blizzard dick rider. How mature. Grow up, really.

I'm going to go play Diablo 3 now and enjoy my game. You can go browse the Diablo 3 forums and cry about how much you hate it. That seems to be the cool things kids do nowadays.

DeleteThisxx2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

You know what made D2 a masterpiece over D3 right at launch? The fact that if I wanted to play OFFLINE I could.

You silly Blizzard **** riders man. Always saying, "Wow, you people always complain about the same thing!" Gee, maybe because it's a legitimate complaint, who would have thought? No one is complaining about whether or not it's a "cash cow".... That's so irrelevant to anything I even said. The point is, IAS nerf (Among many other nerfs) RUINED many characters in this game and it completely destroyed one class entirely in Inferno (WD). Increased repair costs, ultimately destroying gold income when farming is completely irrelevant in this "loot based game." They are TRYING to make people use the RMAH because most people don't want to waste their time.

Seriously, if you love the game, then keep loving it I couldn't care less. I'll come back when the BS is sorted out.

Farsendor12134d ago

are you going to admit that blizzard made a mistake with their drm?

mananimal2135d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Im just shocked at all the people that would put up with all theyve had to endure , just to play Diablo 3. Blizzard has taken advantage, and most Diablo fans , dont care enough to say "No! I wont tolerate this", they just keep playing, lol. What does that say about there state of mind?, The brainwashed, Blizzard is creating a new type of gamer, who are so addicted, they will do whatever there told, just to play a game.

I used to play Starcraft back in the day, but once I saw how Blizzard was going about the new Starcaft, I said "Yeah right, Screw you greedy self serving , narcissitic nazi types, you dont own me, & will NEVER EVER, get me to compromise principle". I didnt play WOW cause I will wont buy a Blizzard/Actvision published game, period. Theres too many other game options to even have to consider compromising.


Ok, so Blizzard screwed up in the beginning but I don't know a single other organization that patches and updates there games on a constant basis than Blizzard. I have the game and it runs smooth now. So stop all the hate already and T2 will also be an awesome game.

ardivt2134d ago

every diablo fan knows that all diablos got better over time. thanks to blizzard really caring about their fans.
probably all the hated features from D3 are things wanted my activision (RMAH, always on drm) and blizzard tries to repair whats gone wrong by even providing better patch and fanservice.

Jdoki2134d ago

I thought D3 was going to get me through the summer drought. I was wrong.

Fun game, but keep getting the feeling I've been short changed or screwed in some way.

As a long time Blizz fan I was eagerly awaiting Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3. Both have been let downs. I shall definitely be more careful weighing up future Blizz purchases, and they've lost a Day 1 customer in me.

CYBERHATER2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Blizzard is a great company. Starcraft has been around for over a decade and they are still tweaking it. This company is not EA and they do not deserve the hate. The reason people keep playing is because everyone who has played a Blizzard game knows that they will fix it and will add on to it year after year after year.

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