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DaThreats2162d ago

Still no second analog sick

Lucretia2162d ago

yeeeeeeaaaaaah. now im not going to bother with the console. Nintendo released the console with no games and no services at 250. then 2 months later dropped the price. now a few more months they reveal a 2nd analog add on. another few months (basically a year after launch) nintendo ALREADY releases a revision,

its a massive smack in the face right after another to the original owners like my brother, and to top it off they still dont include the 2nd analog stick. this means that in a few more months or a year they will make ANOTHER revision with another analog stick.

good job nintendo, not.....

its a shame too, the 3ds is just about to start getting some good games

MaxXAttaxX2162d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I was hoping for a Lite, thinner version.
But instead they made it bigger :/

I'm fine with a larger display, but not at the expense of an enormously huge system!

A second circle pad would have been great too.

Haha1232161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Expect this to sell in drones, more sales = more games for the 3DS xD

omg Kingdom hearts will look so beautiful on that screen

MAJ0R2161d ago

Not a huge problem, I'm sure they'll include 2 analog sticks in revision #6 :P

TheLeapist2161d ago

Not to be a debbie downer or anything but actually it's going to look worse on that screen due to the exact same images being stretched over a larger area.

neogeo2161d ago

Apple says Hi! Get used to it.

darthv722161d ago

but it is odd that they didnt use the extra space for a 2nd pad. then again, they have gone this long without the need for one in existing games that maybe they felt putting one now would cause confusion to their fan base.

if anything it could have sparked interest in the circle-pad add on. thus engaging developers into using it.

Oh well. I guess we will see a circle-pad XL on the market soon.

Nerdmaster2161d ago


Have you ever played DSi XL? The graphics actually look better, even with this "bigger with same resolution" thing.

sikbeta2161d ago

No 2nd analogue? :( thing is bigger, the frankenstick-add-on would work with this model?

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lastdual2162d ago

Yeah, I like the bigger screen, but without a 2nd analog stick that's just not enough to make me trade in my current 3DS for this new model.

hellztourguide4202161d ago

I dont mind the lack of a second analog stick. My main gripe is that i want to be able to put my digital video and .avi files on the sd card to play on the system. Not sure why Nintendo won't let us. They would look great on that bigger screen.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32162d ago

3DS is where the portable games are. Anyway, I guess only hardware that sells can actually have a revision.

Snookies122161d ago

Lol, jealous of the Vita?

3DS is good, but both systems have a wonderful lineup of games. Acting like Nintendo's is better is just sad when anyone can see that both offer amazing games.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32161d ago

I didn't mention Vita, but since you did, why would anyone be jealous of it?

Hisiru2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Well, I have a Vita and a 3DS.... the support (first party and third party support) is 100x better on the 3DS....

I can't wait for Professor Layton, Luigi's Mansion, Kingdom Hearts, NSMB2, Fire Emblem, Castlevania and some other amazing games.

Genghis2161d ago

don't forget phoenix wright and elite beat agents!

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miyamoto2162d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I knew this was coming since they announced the original 3DS.

But no 2nd analog nub like PSP!?
Bigger Screen Bigger Pixels like the DSiXL?

No AC adapter? Does this mean Nintendo is expecting Nintendo 3DS owners to buy this.

Does this mean the next Nintendo handheld PS Vita beater is not too far way next year?


This all happening too fast!

jayzablade2161d ago

if anything Nintendo fucked up by announcing a second stick, why do we need to have more shite when we already have a circle pad, d-pad, YBXA L&R AND a touch screen?! Is that not enough for developers to utilise?!

Troll-without-Bridge2161d ago

A second analog stick would totally screw everyone who has already bought a regular 3Ds, with game development focusing on that add-on, gamers would be forced to buy a peripheral or the new revision for future games.

So its good that nintendo didn't listen to the crybabies of the interwebz.

Lucretia2161d ago

but people are still forced to buy the tacky 2nd analog add-on.....and now they need to make another add on this this 3ds is even bigger.

i guess you guys rather buy the add on then a new console, but not everyone likes the inconvinience of an incomplete handheld

Hisiru2161d ago

No troll Lucretia. Nobody is forced to buy the add-on. I have a 3DS since it launched and for me there is no need for a second analog.

SandWitch2161d ago

Lol, imagine this already big thing with a circle pad add-on :D

jsslifelike2161d ago

You'd think there would have been a second stick with that kind of design as it oddly seems to resemble a... Wii U Gamepad??

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Shok2162d ago

No 2nd circle pad. Glad I didn't wait for the revision and went ahead and got one.

ChickeyCantor2161d ago

Meh I don't have one. So the XL version is a better choice.

360GamerFG2162d ago

That thing is huge compared to the regular!!

Y_51502162d ago

This is pretty good, The screen was a bit small so this is nothing but an improvement! has broken advertisements now?!

RockmanII72162d ago

Are you on Firefox? I know the site never worked right for me when I used Firefox.

Y_51502161d ago

No I'm using chrome. It's stupid how when they say "you can skip it" you press SKIP and it just reloads the time back to 30 seconds!

izumo_lee2162d ago

A year later & Nintendo is already making a new model 3DS....geez. Still does not add the 2nd nub....lame. Screen still smaller than the Vita too.