Minecraft troll calls SWAT on mod, cries murder

A disgruntled gamer sent the cops around to a moderator's house after being kicked out of an online chat. Law enforcement personnel from four different agencies arrived at the Washington state home late Saturday night, after receiving reports that a man had shot his 14 year-old daughter who had just told him she was pregnant.

The problem? There was no pregnancy, and there was no daughter. The handcuffed man lying on the ground, Dave Neumann, only had sons - one of whom, Jake, was a moderator in a Minecraft server.

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Hufandpuf1945d ago

" for the troll, his "untraceable" 911 call backfired, as authorities have been able to identify him as a Canadian citizen. At this stage, it is unsure whether he will be facing charges in Washington state."

Good, this should let everyone know that if they pull some petty shit like this again, they will be caught.

OneAboveAll1944d ago

Use a wal-mart pay phone next time. :p

cl19831944d ago

They don't have pay phones anymore. Also how many people know of pay phones.

GrumpyVeteran1944d ago

What bothers me is when cops go into super overzealous mode and thinks someone is guilty just from one simple phone call.

It's like "herpy derp, an excuse to smash someone to the ground"

argh pisses me off.

DragonKnight1944d ago

They have to take every call seriously, or else one day an attitude like yours would mean a real death.

TheGamingArt1944d ago

5 minutes of questioning can result in a death.

BongSmack1942d ago

It does suck when cops are overzealous. Though I'm not sure how that applies here as none of the articles I've read about this incident indicate that the police smashed anyone to the ground.

JKelloggs1944d ago

People like him give gaming a bad name, it's ridiculous.

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