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Submitted by AbsoluteZelda 1327d ago | opinion piece

Wii U Has Arguably the Best Launch Lineup of Any Console Ever

One thing Nathanial Rumphol-Janc consistently hear when people talk about the Wii U launch is that the lineup isn’t enough to make comsumers want to purchase the console. Nintendo isn’t doing enough entice sales from the consumers. It is indeed a very arduous task to convince people to buy a console when they don’t see value in the products available for it. However, is this really fair to the Wii U’s launch lineup? (GameCube, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360)

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Chuk5  +   1328d ago
The gamecube had the best one, easily.
Pikmin, Smash Bros, Luigi's Mansion, Rogue Squadron, Wave Race Blue storm, super monkey ball, Tony hawk 3.
Y_5150  +   1328d ago
Super Smash Bros. Melee made the Gamecube an instant buy!
MaxXAttaxX  +   1327d ago
If you subtract multiplatform games, unconfirmed launch games and other old games, then no, I don't think the Wii U has the "best" launch lineup.

But I guess that's what "arguably" means.
Hisiru  +   1327d ago
And why in hell would you subtract multiplatform games? He is talking about launch line up (overall) and not launch line up exclusive games. You guys are always trying to downplay the WiiU in some way, huh?

If you want to subtract Multiplatform, then you should remember the only decent PS3 game at launch was Resistance. WiiU has a better initial exclusive list:
-Pikmin 3
-New Super Mario Bros. U
-Rayman Legends (it's still an exclusive title)

If you don't want to downplay the WiiU and you start talking about the full launch line up:
-Pikmin 3
-New Super Mario Bros. U
-Darksiders 2
-Assassin's Creed 3
-Rayman Legends
-Trine 2
-Tekken Tag Tournament 2
-Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition (for people who never played the game or want a complete -edition)
-Mass Effect 3
-Ninja Gaiden 3 (improved version)
-Project P-100
-Fifa (already confirmed)
-Black Ops 2 (almost confirmed)

And again, PS3 only had Resistance in America (but now I am VERY happy with my PS3).
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1327d ago
Because I don't buy a new console bases on multiplatform games that I've already played or will be playable on what I already have.
donman1  +   1327d ago
@ Hisiru...

People just want to hate on the WiiU cause they can. The WiiU launch games list is damn good. Plus all the multiplayer (new release for all consoles) will be better on the Wii U. This will be both visually and gameplay mechanics.
legend911  +   1327d ago
I know Donman, it does have the best in a long while, the GameCube is old. They jist have nothing better to do than promote their fanboy'd console or platform of their choice than to put down the first releasin console, this is the LARGEST HIGH QUALITY launch lineup i. The history of gaming. I dont give a (insert something here) if you like these games or not, or what you like, they are mostly triple A games with fan favorites. Sl go bac to your console if you lik thar, get out of the Wii U section with your fanboyism, coupled with. OMAGAWSH, Wii U has the most trkple A's on a launch! Still wont buy! Really, get a life.
Hisiru  +   1327d ago
Even if we subtract multiplatform games the WiiU has a much better launch line up than your console had, so why are you trying to downplay the WiiU. I gave you facts, don't act like an ignorant.

Damn, I hate this stupid console war, I wonder why those kids can't simply have fun with their games and stop trying to downplay the other consoles.

@Donman1 and legend911
Yeah I know, I don't understand why people need to attack the other consoles lol. They are always trying to downplay the WiiU so hard and there is no reason for it (we still need to wait for the launch lol). I wonder if Sony/Microsoft gives some money for fanboys.
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gaffyh  +   1327d ago
@Hisiru - I don't understand why anyone would count multiplatform games as having any worth in the launch line up. Exclusives are what matter and differentiate a system.

Why would anyone buy a new console, for a game that is already available for their PS3 or Xbox 360? You might but 99% of people probably won't. I just don't get why Nintendo fanboys can't understand that simple concept?
Carl07  +   1327d ago
So you're going to ignore what the guy said? I just don't get why x360/PS3 fanboys can't understand that simple post. He actually gave facts as he said.

"If you want to subtract Multiplatform, then you should remember the only decent PS3 game at launch was Resistance. WiiU has a better initial exclusive list:
-Pikmin 3
-New Super Mario Bros. U
-Rayman Legends (it's still an exclusive title) "

You guys sure wants to hate this system.
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NewMonday  +   1327d ago
almost any hardcore console gamer has a 360 or a PS3, why would they buy a new console for this list?
PoSTedUP  +   1327d ago
this is a good lineup for a system that should have launched 6 years ago. i just bought a Vita and i'm already saving for a PS4 as i Finish Up this generation with some epic ps3 and 360 exclusives and enjoying the Vita's slow but steady launch.

a good system lineup is a laughable reason to justify the fact that the wiiU hasn't launched yet and is already outdated (borderline outdated) but completely outdated imo.
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Carl07  +   1327d ago
Almost any hardcore console gamer had a PS2, Gamecube, PC or xbox1, so why would they buy a PS3 just for Resistance if they could have all the other games on previous platforms? Also, you can't find Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, ZombiU, Rayman Legends or P-100 on the other consoles, so it's like Hshiro said, it's a much better start than what the PS3 had.

You guys are trying so hard to downplay the WiiU but keep ignoring the fact the console is giving much more exclusive games at launch than the PS3, and will also deliver a good third party support (and not just ports, it will also include some new games like Assassin's Creed 3, Darksiders 2 etc).

Maybe you will complain because you will probably buy AC3 and Darksiders 2 for your current console, but x360/PS3 also launched with COD and some other third party games that we had on previous platforms (like PS2, xbox1, Gamecube and PC). So your complains makes no sense. Plus, third parties said they will reveal more launch games by the end of summer (Activision, EA etc). Probably at Gamescom. If the system is not out yet we can't really attack it.

Outdated is your brain or your logic because you aren't even giving the system a chance. It's not even out yet and you are already saying bad things. Some third party already confirmed they have more news and launch games to announce at the end of summer. If it's not a good launch line up, then PS3 had an horrible line up (Again, youre ignoring what the guy said, only Resistance as a decent game), which makes for a better launch line up for the WiiU, so there is nothing for you guys to complain or hate, unless you also said bad things about the PS3 at launch.

If you say bad things about the WiiU because of the launch line up (which is still incomplete) youre also saying bad things about the PS3 because of the launch line up which was much worse.
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PoSTedUP  +   1327d ago
what makes you think im talking about the lineup and comparing it to the ps3? the ps3's launch line up was horrible yes i agree. i said nothing about this lineup being bad. i think Your brain is outdated for you don't know how to comprehend the text of my comment.

im talking about the hardware being far behind in it's times. ninty had to make it up to me (obviously not Really personally, that would be silly) for this generations disgrace to the hardcore gamer, and by bringing out only THEIR slight advancement in technology, is not doing it for me for i already have gotten a good taste of this generation with the 360 and ps3. and i'm not going to be stuck in this generation when the PS4 and 720 comes out so buying a WiiU would be wasting my time and money. this is only my opinion.
Carl07  +   1327d ago
"this is a good lineup for a system that should have launched 6 years ago."

Then the same thing can be applied to the PS3, because youre admiting it had an horrible launch line up. Resistance also looked like a piece of shi* and now the PS3 can produce games like Last of Us and Beyond. Nintendo showed 3 amazing tech demos last year. I know it's just tech demo, but unless you have an iside source you have NO CLUE about the system's power or PS4/x720's power, so we still don't know if there will be a huge leap (no matter what PR says). If the WiiU is powerful enough to be the PS2 of this generation, the less powerful (xbox1 is 3~4 times more powerful) but keep all the third party support then it will be perfectly fine, all it needs is support from both core consumers and third party.

We still need to see the sales for third party titles on this new system. We can't make hasty assumptions about third party sales, core consumers or final specs right now because we have no crystal ball/time machine/inside info.

Also, the launch games will never show what the console is really capable of, just look at the PS3, x360 launch line up.

You know what is having an outdated brain? Complain about somethin you don't even know. And I am sure you have no clue/document about the WiiU's hardware.

Resume for all of you: You guys have no reason to bitch and hate on the WiiU yet. unless you have inside info about the final specs/crystal ball/time machine. So far it has a better start than the PS3 with better exclusive games at launch and better third party games at launch (some of those games you can have on x360/PS3, but you could also have a lot of PS3/x360 launch games on xbox1, PC, GC and PS2, so multiplatforms like Mass Effect and Batman are no reason to hate the console, it's not the first time). Let's move on and stop this stupid console war because I love all my systems.
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victorGma21  +   1327d ago
"Resume for all of you: You guys have no reason to bitch and hate on the WiiU yet. unless you have inside info about the final specs/crystal ball/time machine. So far it has a better start than the PS3 with better exclusive games at launch and better third party games at launch (some of those games you can have on x360/PS3, but you could also have a lot of PS3/x360 launch games on xbox1, PC, GC and PS2, so multiplatforms like Mass Effect and Batman are no reason to hate the console, it's not the first time). Let's move on and stop this stupid console war because I love all my systems."

Good one man, PS3 and x360 also had TONS of PS2/xbox1/GC ports at launch and everyone is ignoring it. WiiU really has a good line up (I don't know if I will buy it yet) but I think you should give up. People hate the system because it's not their console of choice, unfortunately they will keep arguing even without any logic. There is no way you can stop the console war, that's how it works nowadays, which is sad. Seriously, give up.
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aceitman  +   1327d ago
rayman legends is a multi platform game , im trying to find. the interview with the guy that said so , wii-u has an exclusive feature ,that is all .. but here is something to see.
victorGma21  +   1327d ago
No, it's not a multi game, don't make assumptions. To be fair with the WiiU guys, Ubisoft only said it COULD be multiplatform in the FUTURE, so it's still an exclusive game for them, there is no confirmation or announce for other platforms.
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PshycoNinja  +   1327d ago
I played with the Wii U at E3. Nothing impressive at all. First off Assassins Creed 3 and Batman: Arkham City look miles better on the 360 and PS3 than the Wii U. The controller is not comfortable to hold. There weren't many people going to Nintendo's booth nor was there much buzz at its booth. Much more buzz and people at Sony and Microsofts booths (but more people were at EA, Activision, Ubisoft and Square booths').

Seriously, everyone on the show floor was underwhelmed and weren't impressed for the "Next gen Nintendo Console more powerful than 360 and PS3". You could argue that Nintendo might have more games in its "Launch line up" (which at this point hasn't even been confirmed what the lauch line up is).

Look at it this way: Why would people buy a console that is exactly like the Wii and isnt as powerful as the PS3 or 360? The graphics on EVERY GAME for the Wii U looked better on the other HD consoles. What does that tell you? It's a stop-gap console. Nothing more, nothing less.

Edit: And before Nintendo fanboy's start disagreeing with me I have this to say: Have you played the games? Have you played with the system or touched the controler? No? So then why do you disagree and argue with someone who has?
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victorGma21  +   1327d ago
Well, I could care less about Nintendo, I don't even enjoy their first party games (except Zelda), but I think I can answer you.

It's not very rational to say an unfinished game looks bad. Also, Assasin's Creed 3 on the WiiU looks better than the PS3 version (even with off-screen footage), it's clearly much more polished, but nothing like a huge leap:

Actually, I think it's even stupid from my/your part to make comparisons right now. WiiU is a new untapped console and AC3 is an unfinished product.

Also, it was confirmed both Batman and Assassin's Creed 3 (WiiU version) had some bugs and graphical problems at the show, which is natural when we keep in mind it's still a unfinished product and we can only make final judgement when it's finished.

There is also another funny part in your comment. Everyone (including reliable sources/sites) is saying the controller is extremely ccmfortable to hold and ZombiU and some other games had tons of people around to play, and you can clearly see it using youtube videos from E3.

There is yet another funny part in your comment which actually makes you look... ignorant (sorry to say that). Gearbox and some other reliable developers already confirmed the WiiU is more powerful than x360/PS3 and they also said Aliens will (graphically) look better on the WiiU, so why do you keep trying to say the WiiU looks just "on par" with the other systems?. And it's funny how youre using an early and unfinished launch games to say the WiiU is on par with the x360/PS3.

I know I love Sony, but you are so desperate lol.

And you should calm down or you will have a heart attack.

As Much as I don't like it, Carl has a point. If you don't have inside info, you don't know (for sure) any WiiU/PS4/x720 specs.
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PoSTedUP  +   1327d ago
@carl, that is because the devs were getting used to the hardware on the ps3. uncharted came along and looked phenomenal almost instantly and it only got Slightly better from there (as in not a Huge leap ahead). the ps3 was a different beast. u know damn well the WiiU will belong stuck in this generation graphically and the ps4 and xbox720 will be miles ahead... that's all i am saying. Nintendo took their chance and this is where it has placed them, one step behind... i will own up if i am wrong but.. i wouldn't bet against me.
Ashunderfire86  +   1328d ago
Wish some of these games were actual the Wii U launch games. If they show Rogue Squadron(remake), Smash Bros 4, Wave Race, Metroid, Zelda, and Star Fox at E32012, they would of blow the water out of any conference!!!! And the gamers say day one!!!!
Kamikaze135  +   1327d ago
And no console or handheld has come close to beating that.
Diver  +   1327d ago
how can this be the best launch lineup when even ninty doesnt know?
Timmer  +   1327d ago
They don't know which games will be readily available at the time of the immediate launch of the system, that's what they're deciding.

All of the games announced are in the so called "launch window" which is 3 to 4 months after the system launches.
Timmer  +   1327d ago
I had Smash Bros, Luigi's Mansion, and THPS3 for launch.

God that was a great system, despite its many flaws.
NeoBasch  +   1327d ago
Gamecube and Dreamcast. Yep, those were the times.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1328d ago
It does stack up pretty well...I would go PS2 if I had to pick right now.
Shok  +   1328d ago
It's a pretty good launch. Not amazing but pretty good.
k-dillinger  +   1328d ago
dreamcast did look it up
rmedtx  +   1327d ago
dozens of ports from 360 and PS3 I'm sure...
--Onilink--  +   1327d ago
actually just 2 ports of old PS3 and 360 games, Batman and Mass Effect 3.

The rest are new games, or games coming out practically at the same time as the other console/PC versions
Hisiru  +   1327d ago
It's just 2~3 games and we still need to see if they will include new things.

You guys are always complaining about the lack of third party support, now youre complaining about the support.
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abc1233  +   1327d ago
There's a difference between complaining about the support and complaining about including 3rd party titles as evidence of a console's strong launch line-up. What's the point if the same games are available with the same quality on pre-existing consoles?
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1327d ago
I've wanting a WiiU since Project Cafe'.

So, all those games everybody has played, I haven't.
ME3 and BM:AC.

So, most of that so-far 23 launch games, are ALL new games to me. And games I never would have been able to play before while waiting for Link and Samus.

Why not buy another console? Because they don't have any non-PC exclusives that I care about.

To me, IMO, there are only 2 reasons to care about a PS3 and that is Heavy Rain & Beyond. Quantic Dream (a Sony 2nd Party) is an Innovator (justlike my Nintendo).
Y_5150  +   1327d ago
I accidently agreed with this comment. -_-
Anyway I disagree with the fact that you said there are only TWO reasons to CARE about a PS3. So my question is; Do you even own a PS3?
_Aarix_  +   1322d ago
Heavy rain was the reason i owned a ps3 and loved it. Personally I hated uncharted with a passion cause the gameplay was boring but the story was good so thats what kept me going. Other games like sly, twisted metal and rachet and clank are other reasons but there isnt much originaly on a side of exclusives so a lot of ps3 games dont appeal to me.
Tdmd  +   1327d ago
If I remember correctly, they've said the same about the Dreamcast.
constantine777  +   1327d ago
I agree that both the Sega Dreamcast and the Gamecube both had the two best launch line ups.

Im very interested in the Wii U. It is different and Im finished with all the online shooters so Im looking for a different gameplay experience for next gen.

I dont care which console has "tha bestest graphix" Im more interested in new gameplay experiences and it looks like the Wii U will be the my choice for next gen gaming.
MysticStrummer  +   1327d ago
Nothing on that list makes me want a Wii U.
PopRocks359  +   1327d ago
Nothing in the 360's launch made me want a 360. Wound up getting one at some point regardless.
Hisiru  +   1327d ago
Nothing in the PS3's launch made me want a PS3 (it only had Resistance).
Timmer  +   1327d ago
Not every launch is going to cater to every gamer.

Hell, the only reason I wanted the Wii at launch was for Twilight Princess, but other than that, I could care less. I was focused on the Nintendo games down the line.
PopRocks359  +   1327d ago
For me, the killer game is Pikmin 3. I'm also interested in ZombiU, P-100 and I want to play Ninja Gaiden III: Razor's Edge and Batman Arkham City on it since I played neither of those two, and I've heard the Wii U versions will be definitive based on the previews I read. Those are all in the launch window, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm satisfied for the first handful of months.
GaryOak  +   1327d ago
I'm getting it but I don't really know what games I'll get with it yet.Off Topic,but has anyone else seen the 3DSXL the showed at Nintendo Direct? It's friggin huge! Still only one thumb stick.
Hicken  +   1327d ago
I dunno, that PS2 list looks pretty boss...
TronEOL  +   1327d ago
Although these games aren't really my bag, and I wouldn't personally be too excited about it, I'm glad those who want them will have games to enjoy. And I'm curious to see how the Wii-U launch ends up. I'll definitely be watching release videos of the Wii-U in action.
KonaBro  +   1327d ago
Tell me this article is kidding?

So let me get this straight, ports of games we've already played combined with rehashes, niche games and Nintendo's attempt at trying to capture the Wii Sports craze again with NintendoLand is arguably the best launch lineup ever? Is this a joke? If we are going by that logic, the Vita had the greatest launch lineup of all time! God, there's supporting your favorite company and just being naive and ignorant. Sadly, Zelda Informer greatly falls with the latter.
Rrobba  +   1327d ago
I agree that this article is praising it TOO much...but you are painting it to be terrible. Tell me how many launch lineups were better than this? Certainly a few but nothing blows this away. Assassin's Creed, Pikmin, Mass Effect, Darksiders, Rayman and an exclusive Zombie game at launch is pretty boss IMO though I understand it may not be everyone's cup of tea.
PirateThom  +   1327d ago
Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Darksiders and Rayman will be on other platforms though. I understand it would be exciting if you only owned a Wii this gen but these games don't look like they'll be much improved over their PS3/360 counterparts and that's the problem for a lot of people. Why buy a new console to play games I can currently play on my current console? This is a launch line up for Wii U, but it's also the last year or so of PS3/360 releases.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1327d ago
Some decent exclusives. And a bunch of games mulitplat PPl either own on PS3 or 360. For a New system its a solid list But I wont buy a wiiU to play arkham city again. Im not a fan of Pikmen i cant get into it.
For me its like this 360- I play it for its FEW exclusives (HALo,GEars) and Multiplats(AC,BAtman,Red dead,COD, etc...)
PS3- I play it purely for its MANY exclusives (God of war,little bigplanet,uncharted,killzone).
cone   1327d ago | Spam
mrmancs  +   1327d ago
used to be a big nin fan
unless they make a updated version of Mario 64 or the snes side scrolling Mario they will never beat there old titles full of delicious secrets...
2pacalypsenow  +   1327d ago
well duh its in the middle of the current Gen
Rock_On_PS4  +   1327d ago
Wii is the only current generation system that has not had a revision or Slim edition. Wii Upgrade is more like a 7.5 generation console than an 8th generation system. Sony decides when the next generation begins by launching their PS4.

Wii has slightly better specs than the XBox 1, the most powerful system of last generation. The Wii Upgrade would put it on par with the PS3, the 7th generation's most powerful console.

Good to see some upgraded HD versions of old Wii games coming out for the Wii U. Same game but with better graphics.

Nintendo are a generation behind when it comes to console power. The fad of the Wii has faded out in the last 3 years because both PS3 and X360 have added their own motion control nullifying the Wii's advantage.
PirateThom  +   1327d ago
Wii did get a revision, it removed GameCube support and ports and had a slight redesign. It was just last year...
Rrobba  +   1327d ago
I wouldn't say this line-up is mind-blowing but it is very good, especially compared to the launches of other consoles like the Wii, PS3 and 3DS. I'm actually pleasently surprised by the appealing line-up of games...can't wait!
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ufo8mycat  +   1327d ago
ME3 AC3 Batman - All on 360 and PS3

A lot of that list is casual/kid stuff.

The only good one is Mario

Yeah great lineup......
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1327d ago
I agree with the guy who wrote this article the launch line up is really good it could be probably be better since black Ops 2 coming to the Wii u and who knows they may be more surprises
Instigator  +   1327d ago
It's a good launch line-up and a lot of the games has already proven to be good on other systems like Batman, Trine 2 and Mass Effect 3. There's also games you can expect to be good because of previous installments like AC3, Darksiders 2, TTT2 and Rayman.

The problem most people seems to have is that none of them highlights the Wii U's features. ZombiU seems like the best one to do that, but I remain cautiously optimistic about that one because although it looks good Ubisoft and launch titles are rarely a good match.

So while the Wii U may have the highest rated launch line-up ever a lot of people don't consider them system sellers, which is where the skepticism comes from.

From what I've seen I won't buy one at launch, but will definitely get some of the launch games when I decide to buy the console within a year of it's release.
Wizziokid  +   1327d ago
It's a nice line-up imo, it offers games for the casual and the core which is what interests me in the console, unlike the Wii, which I ditched after a month as the controller just didn't click with me, I'm looking forward to seeing where the Wii U can go.

The top games from the current launch line-up are (for me)

-Lego City:Undercover
-Pikmin 3
-New Super Mario Bros. U
-Assassins Creed 3 (Unless I buy it for ps3)
#22 (Edited 1327d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PshycoNinja  +   1327d ago
It's totally up to you (it is your money after all) but I would buy Assassins Creed 3 on PS3.

When I was at E3 an Assassins Creed team member told me that PS3 was the lead console for development. Hence why every demo at E3 for Assassins Creed was shown off on PS3 (with the exception of the private meeting rooms where they showed off some of the Wii U version of the game).

And honestly it looked VASTLY better on PS3 than Wii U. While Wii U looked decent, the PS3 version of the game blew it out of the water.

BTW Multiplayer was awesome! People are in for a suprise when they show off more of the multiplayer. And I cannot wait for people to see Boston. It looks and plays fantastic. Playing it on the Wii U was gimmicy and distracting but on PS3 it played prefectly.

Again your choice but I just wanted to share with you my experiance with both versions.
PopRocks359  +   1326d ago
I really can't believe your comment at all. One because of the screenshots released comparing the two and two because all of the previews I've read have stated exactly the opposite.
arbitor365  +   1327d ago
lmao. the author is really "reaching" at this point
Drabent  +   1327d ago
If u like kid games....I'm 34yr old.
ChickeyCantor  +   1327d ago
What childish reasoning is this?
Look at your insecurity. Look at it. LOL.
arbitor365  +   1327d ago
the wii u is really capitalizing on multiplats. which would be fine and dandy if they actually looked better than current gen versions. but since they dont, its rather pointless really.

pikmin isnt exactly a killer app, and zombiu will probably be a letdown (being bogged down with its gimmicks). the "new super mario bros" franchise is really tired at this point and dominated by the superior LBP games.

so its not a launch lineup that is impressive enough for me to consider buying one, at this point.
ChickeyCantor  +   1327d ago
These ports are just that; ports.
I think Nintendo is trying to point out that they will support third parties more than before.

In such a small time frame it's hard for developers to port a game to a new system and pitch up everything to the consoles standard. Especially in the beginning.

I'm not expecting far better "ports" 6 months/1 year down the road.

"the "new super mario bros" franchise is really tired at this point and dominated by the superior LBP games.
What? Mario still sold a lot more than LBP. I don't see how LBP is dominating?
And personally I don't think LBP is superior. I bought it at launch. Played it a few times and never touched it again. Not saying the production value is bad, I just don't think it was worth the 60 euros I've spend on it way back.
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mochachino  +   1327d ago
Which would be impressive if you couldn't get half of the games on existing consoles with identical graphics.
#26 (Edited 1327d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PshycoNinja  +   1327d ago
Wii U cannot even do that...
mochachino  +   1327d ago
Lol and at lower prices.
honkyjesus  +   1327d ago
Ports with the same graphics on consoles released six years ago.
ozzywazzy  +   1327d ago
no zelda, no smash bros., no f-zero, no eternal darkness, no metroid, no wave race, a lazy mario. Gtfo.
DivineAssault  +   1327d ago
sure does.. But nothing ever launches with fantastic games.. They may be good or even great but it takes time for the AAA ultimate experience titles to come out.. I want wii u at some point depending on price & specs but im not buying it just cuz AC3 looks cool.. I need to see more simultaneous game releases
AKA  +   1327d ago
No it does not.
yes they are many games but they are all old experiences, that we already have,
nothing NEW exiting. even one game like Resistance in the PS3 launch was more exiting since it was a NEW nextgen experience.

This is only exiting for the few nintendo blind fanboys that only buy hat console and never there to touch a PS3. And good for them better late then never.
PopRocks359  +   1326d ago
I totally see why you have only one bubble.
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