The Community: Clovenhoof Advocates Syphon Filter Remake

The Community's Clovenhoof404 advocates for a remake/remaster of Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain.

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cpayne932098d ago

We need freakin syphon filter 4.

Lord_Sloth2097d ago

I rode my bike several miles in the rain to get my copy. Down the highway to the Wal Mart and back. Wet as the ocean and happy as a hippie with an infinite peace pipe! I stayed that way for a good long while with the title as well.

I still put it in and solo some Carthage and Tokyo. What I wouldn't give for a sequel to The Omega Strain...

GaryOak2097d ago

I'd taser a Jigglypuff until it bursts into flames just to have Syphon Filter 4.Please make it happen Sony!

MrGunny942097d ago

Well the PSP games destroyed the story... Lian Xing as a betrayer...Yeah Right....

Can't wait for anything to due with Syphon Filter on the PS3/PS4 it was the main reason alongside with Metal Gear to buy the console unfornately no Syphon Filter yet.

TheRichterBelmont2097d ago

Why are there so many Ostriches?

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