DLC Done Right: Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow: Is ‘extra’ DLC content always a rort?


"Downloadable content has had its fair share of criticism. Most of that negativity is justified.

From pathetic ‘horse armour’ skins to on-disc content that is withheld until unlocked by payment, DLC is often used to extract more money out of gamers...

However, if there is one DLC product that might catch my attention it is additional single player or co-op story missions- but only if they offer something that feels new."

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gaminoz2042d ago

Yeah it was a lot of fun. I find with DLC content it is a bit hit or miss and it depends how much extra $ I've got.

I tend to only buy the games like Journey that seem to stand out rather than 'add-on' stuff, but some of it is worth it.

BadCircuit2042d ago

I generally don't touch DLC content. Extra maps or whatever are usually not worth it.

Mind you the MW3 extra maps do have quite a variety to them, which I appreciate. Particularly the Greek, Italian and close-quarter environments.

Not so fussed on the crashed airplane or Central Park one.

BootHammer2042d ago

Sounds pretty entertaining and looks to be loaded with content. I agree DLC is rarely worth it these days so it's nice to see devs go the extra mile and actually over deliver.

Belgavion2042d ago

When it's done well it can be invaluable.
Remember the Bioshock 2 add-on, Minerva's Den, I think it was called? That was better than the entire single player story on the disc

gaminoz2042d ago

Oblivion's DLC Shivering Isles was a bit wacky, but different enough to be separate and worth it too.

There are some good ones, but most are just not worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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