Raven’s Cry – E3 Preview [GamingLives]

GamingLives ventures in to the seedy underworld of Octane Games and TopWare Interactive's pirate role playing game, Raven's Cry. Vastly different from last year's offering, this game doesn't hold back.

"The game itself is a third person role playing game, telling a story of revenge. Christopher Raven watched his family killed at the age of five by a band of pirates and, after murdering his mother, the pirate captain cut off Christopher’s hand and left him for dead. Twenty years later, Captain Raven is out for revenge and begins to hunt his family’s murderers down. We didn’t get many details on the overall story of the game, but we’re told that there would be a number of decisions to be made at various stages which would then influence not only the ending, but cause ripples into other events."

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