Global Gaming Market: "Console is not dead"

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While E3 gathers the most attention for new games, new hardware, and impressive marketing feats, the most valuable parts of the show for many insiders happen away from the bright lights. At a breakfast meeting during E3, David Cole of DFC Intelligence gathered together opinion leaders and industry executives to explore where the global gaming market is at and where it's headed.", writes GamesIndustry.

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miyamoto2072d ago

Dedicated Gaming Machines for Dedicated Gamers.

Farsendor12072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

don't think consoles are dying just getting old think a few core gamers are wanting next gen systems. im not talking about everyone just some of the people i know. better graphics and new ways to play games is going to be fun. i bet people are excited for next gen even if they don't think they are. they are just not ready for the prices.

70$ games
400$+ consoles
100$ controllers

ill stick with pc gaming cause of graphics and different ways to play games and see games.

3 monitors
1 monitor
1 tv
motion gaming
steering wheel
360 controller
ps3 controller
usb controllers
usb retro controllers
upgradeable hardware

mushroomwig2072d ago

$100 for console controllers? You're not trying hard enough.

kneon2072d ago

He's likely referring to the Wii U controller, and I think that price is probably about right.

THESONYPS32071d ago

In Australia they are about $90 and same with games.

a_squirrel2071d ago

I think the cost of living is less in Australia.

cemelc2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

LOL the 3 monitor alone are about 600$, more than the entire console examples you put (of course unless the monitors are crap)

Pc gamers cant give it a rest can they? pc is more expensive than consoles, we dont have to buy games at full price you know? And pc market prices are only good when steam have deals like every other gaming device that has ever come out under the blue sky.

A pc woth a damn is about 700$, sure you can get good deals on parts but if you want to be anywhere near mid-high end you have to be around that price.

Every device have pros and cons we learn to live with them even pc gamers

Nac2071d ago

I think it is because they don't want to feel left out. PC Gamers are so "Me too" most of the time...

Muffins12232071d ago

the tv and kinect alone for xbox is more 600 LOLOLKZLKZL-If pc gamers acted like u

BlackKnight2071d ago


People play xbox/PS3 on a $600-$3000 TV, so whats the problem with $600 of monitors on PC?

And Steam/GOG/Etc sales happen WAY sooner, even some having preorder DISCOUNTS where 60 dollar games are 55 at launch. Some have sales because you own the previous game (alan wake, stalker, etc). Console game prices drop slow as hell compared to PC, and buying used isn't that great of an option now that devs are doing passes.

Instead of spending $300-$400 on a console and then another $300-$400 on a regular PC, why not pile all that into one PC of $700-$800? This is a great alternative if you are planning on one gaming machine. PCs (like mine) actually is in the living room hooked to the plasma TV with the monitor on the desk next to the entertainment center. It's great!

decrypt2071d ago


"LOL the 3 monitor alone are about 600$"

That has to be the most retarded comment i have ever read in a while on this forum.

You do realise 3 monitors = 72inches of screen space, right up close to you and it gives you a super wideview.

How much would a 72inch TV cost you? i am sure it would be alot more than 600usd.

I personally have 3 Screens, they are all 3D enabled. They cost me about 900usd. I can bet you a 3D TV of that size would cost atleast 3000usd.

If you spent that sort of money on a 3DTV and then equipped with a 300usd console which can only do about 40 games in 3D. I would think you arent taking advantage of your 3DTV. PC does over 600games in 3D.

Also when a console does 3D, all of us know it has to drop in resoultion, frame rate drops, graphics get compromised. Nothing of that sort happens on PC. Today a PC equipped with a single GTX 680 can run 3 screens in 3D at 60fps for most games.

cemelc2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )


So you never had a tv before a console?, cos putting the cost of a tv in gaming is not right (at least not for me)...or do you buy a tv each time you get a new console?

What i did this gen was connect my ps3/360 to a monitor hence not buying a 3000$ tv. In time we decided it was time upgrade the living room with a 50 inch tv, but never actually bothered to connect the consoles there.

I dont understand whats the problem here? are you under some kind of misconception that i cant play without a tv?

My point was and still is pc gaming is more expensive than console gaming.

Even in your post that 680 gtx is worth 500$, more than my console and the monitor i have combined...

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Dno2071d ago

Love how u metion price on next gen consoles then say "i'll stick with PC gaming" hahahahahah thats ironic isn't it?

o BTW i bought a new graphics card and it cost as much as ps4 and 720 combinded....

SpitTake2072d ago

"Console is not dead", what kind of grammar is that?

Hicken2072d ago

It's perfectly fine grammar. You could either look at it as them treating "Console" as a proper noun("I heard Console got shot; is he dead?" "Console is not dead."), or them treating the "the" that would normally be in front of it as implied ([The] Console is not dead) as publications do when quoting people.

On topic, why were people thinking this? Last year, the 360 had its best year ever, didn't it? And isn't this still the best-selling console generation of all time? Why do people feel the need to make up stuff with no proof to back it up.

They go, "Oh, console sales are down from last year. Must be tablets and smartphones, since their numbers are up," as if correlation equals causation, but then neglect every other thing out there that could be affecting sales. For example, people are going to buy a tablet or smartphone for personal reasons, but these devices are almost necessities in today's world, and are even important for doing business. On the other hand, ANY dedicated gaming device will be looked at as a something that isn't necessary.

Oh, well. They don't have to listen. Reality will prove them wrong soon enough.

SpecialK2072d ago

Almost took your first paragraph seriously... How stupid do I feel now =p

And yeah not sure how anyone could think that consoles are anywhere near "dead". This gen has been great for all of then and next gen will most likely do just as well.

josephayal2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

My brother in law works for Apple, You must be aware with the imminent release of APPLE CONSOLE..... SONY, NINTENDO AND MICROSOFT Prepare to be extinguished....... APPLE engineers are all bringing heavy artillery into battle....................Thes e words were said to me by my brother law (not me)

Kyosuke_Sanada2072d ago

Thank you Joseph, you gave me the perfect reason to spill my French Vanilla in my lap XD......

Saryk2072d ago

Consoles and PCs will die, cell phones will dominate. Cell phones are getting close to the consoles computing power now. The new generation consoles will surpass the cell phone then the cell phone will catch and pass the console, killing the console. PCs will stagnate people will lose interest in them and they will die. The new cell phone will be able to play your games, give directions, and play your movies. You will be able to hook them on your computer monitor or television and add your favorite controller; you have your entertainment center in minutes, with all your personal favorites.

Take this from a diehard PC gamer since the 80s, consoles and PCs will die, not today or tomorrow. But it will happen in the next 10 years.

TheBigShamona2072d ago

I guess something that powerful wouldn't be hot as Shit or need a ridiculously huge battery just to run for an hour. That is the mobile devices Achilles heel, although I do LOVE my vita:)

kneon2072d ago

You're ignoring the fact that technological improvement that makes phones faster/cheaper/more efficient would also help the other platforms.

So by the time your phone can match something like gt5 at 1080p 60fps other platforms will likely be doing 4k resolutions @60fps. It's not like every platform isn't going to improve. Also because of a phones inherent power and size constraints it will always be easier and cheaper to outperform a phone with a console or pc.

Saryk2072d ago

Improvements will stabilize across the board. CPUs are not faster,unless using extreme cooling. I think there was a 8.2 Ghz clockspeed using liquid helium. Graphics can only get so real. Then what? Size will be the thing. Why own/create a PC or a console when your phone can do the exact same thing? You can hook your phone to a device like a laptop docking station and play your games on anything you desire. You guys can disagree all you want. The PC and console will morph into a phone and that will be that.

Its not the end of gaming. It will be a new era of gaming where graphic are maxed and story and gameplay matter.

Saryk2072d ago

I have taken into account that other devices will advance. But the CPU has not got any faster unless by using extreme cooling methods. You can only advance so far, today’s physicists have already stated that silicon cpus will become obsolete in the very near future.

What the next cpu is made of is beyond me.

Bloodraid2071d ago

I take it you don't know what the GPU is.

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