Just Add Water: "Blame Microsoft for not letting us publish on Xbox 360.”

"When asked over on the official Oddworld blog just what the status of Stranger’s Wrath HD for XBLA was, a JAW representative going by the name of ALF responded with the following:

“The boat has really passed on that one. We’re winding up development on Stranger’s Wrath HD and Munch’s Oddysee HD. Blame Microsoft for not letting us publish on Xbox 360.”

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aviator1892130d ago

That's too bad, I would have bought it.
But seriously, MS needs to loosen up on policies like size. The devs even worked to tone the size down from their original intent, and were still turned down. :(

NukaCola2130d ago

I grew up on Oddworld. It's by far my favorite franchise and the original games on PS1 are still to this day my all time favorite titles. I am so happy the originals are getting a reboot and the Quintology will continue.

That being said, these titles moved to Xbox and I have some of the biggest disgust for MS because of it. They pulled a scam saying Oddworld would be the face of Xbox but when their marketing demons told them Halo is the game they need to focus on ( even added thee gay Combat Evolved remark for marketing) they completely ruined and destroyed the franchise. JAW and Sony have come together to breathe new life in it and I am glad it's getting the attention it needs on PlayStation. It's where it started and where it should end up. I hate it when these companies milk and run on the same titles over and over again and refuse to innovated.

Raoh2130d ago

Is this due to their policy of, if a game is published on PS3 first microsoft will not publish it and if its published on xbox 360 it must be released as an exclusive or on the same day and date of release?

I might be off on the actual policy but it really screws the gamer. There are 360 gamers thinking a game is ps3 exclusive but its actually 360 banned.

DarkBlood2130d ago

that policy is probably because they dont want to shit out exclusives so they do it like this to secure it in the hopes we'll flock to thier console and buy it there instead

thats just how i see it

though they are really trying to push it to the living room

rdgneoz32130d ago

Their policy doesn't say that it needs to be as an exclusive, just that it has to release at the same time as other platforms or before them, as well as having the same content. And yah, there are some devs that have wanted to bring their games over but have been unable to as a result of the policy.

Though if Aviator189 is correct, its due to size constraints that MS didn't let them.

As for the update, glade they're putting out some nice improvements to an already great game.

JellyJelly2130d ago

Then how do you explain Joe Danger that released later on XBLA?

I don't think there exists a policy like the one you are speaking about.

Jdoki2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

I believe the policy MS has, is that a game can come later to XBLA, but it has to have addition features / content..


1. Exclusive to XBLA
2. Same time as PSN but with the same or more content on XBLA
3. Later on XBLA but with exclusive / more content

StayStatic2130d ago

"There are 360 gamers thinking a game is ps3 exclusive but its actually 360 banned."

Its not an PS3 exclusive as it's on PC too , however it's currently free on PSN+ :D loving this revamp.

Skate-AK2130d ago

Halo, Alan Wake, and Metro 2033 are all on 360 and PC and they are still 360 exclusives.

IHateYouFanboys2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

if developers want their game on XBLA then they need to follow the XBLA rules, its pretty simple.

simply dont make it a timed PSN exclusive and there are no problems. doesnt get much simpler. blame the developer for taking the quick sony-fed buck instead of going for more sales across multiple consoles.

PirateThom2130d ago

Nothing to do with that, it only released on PSN because Microsoft wouldn't allow the higher file size for the game.

They wanted day and date on the two platforms and couldn't reduce the file size any more.

It's Microsoft's fault, not the developers. If Microsoft are happy to allow Games on Demand why not arcade games with higher limits?

AusRogo2130d ago

What makes you think they took the quick 'sony fed buck'? Its on pc too so Sony didnt pay for exclusivity since its not. It is Microsofts fault, simple.

KwietStorm2130d ago

Educate yourself before commenting. Its really that simple.

nukeitall2130d ago

Why is the size an issue in the first place? From what I remember, XBL gives you 2GB. That's a lot!

Also, it doesn't seem like the public cares about this game. If they did, they would have forced MS hand by lots of negative publicity.

lodossrage2130d ago

For someone with a name like "IHateYouFanboys", you sure come off awfully hard like an xbox fanboy with the comments you dole out on here day in and day out.

And you're comments lack any common sense 90% of the time to boot.

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lashes2ashes2130d ago

This is really old news. I be leave its not on Xbox live because of the file size limit at the time the game was finished.

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