New Super Mario Bros. U Preview - MMGN

MMGN: New Super Mario Bros. U won’t reinvent the wheel. In fact, it’s more or less exactly the same experience already available on the Wii and DS -- and soon to be 3DS. Besides a few more coins, the 3DS game isn’t all that different either.

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maniacmayhem2216d ago

There were a lot of titles that were like this when the 360 and Wii launched. Remember GUN and Twilight Princess?

Skate-AK2216d ago

I played Gun on PS2 but I heard the 360 version had way more stuff.

maniacmayhem2215d ago

Really? I heard it was the exact game just with a slight graphics upgrade.

Must use google...

chanmasta2215d ago

I have high hopes about this now after seeing that New Super Mario Bros. 2 has full local co-op for the entire game.