Journey Collector’s Edition details revealed in US Official PlayStation Mag ad

Thanks to Roger Burchill, the editor in chief of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, we now know what’s in the Journey Collector’s Edition.

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Emilio_Estevez2188d ago

Might have to pick this up, never played flow, but heard good things of course.

WildArmed2187d ago

flOw was great.
Actually one of the few games I didn't mind using Six-axis in.

But the beauty of the game was the music and the visuals. Truly amazing.

leonHurley2187d ago

Can you get anything to work? Can't tag or anything at the moment. Tried different browsers, flushed cookies, tried my phone. N4G's unusable at the moment - getting reported for things I can't do or change.

WildArmed2187d ago

Aye, think N4G is still having issues. The peeps upstairs are working on it, or so we are told.

doctorstrange2187d ago


Yup, N4G is super buggy right now, I can't even reply to you directly.

CaptainSheep2187d ago

All 3 soundtracks? O__O

onegirlgeek2187d ago

I already have Journey and Flower, but for all three soundtracks plus documentaries and other goodies, I'd buy this if it's not too expensive.

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The story is too old to be commented.