[KKEnt] Review of No Man’s Land PlayStation Home

Kuma Wrote: What is up gamers this is my review of the new PlayStation home exclusive title No Man's Land which is free to play. I did a video review for you to enjoy, so stay frosty and let me know your thoughts.

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SavageKuma2037d ago

Thanks much appreciated.

Emilio_Estevez2037d ago

I tried to play this last night, but my internet was being crappy so I gave up. Nice to know what I'm getting into

SavageKuma2037d ago

It is pretty interesting but the server kicked out when I was playing

Chapulin2037d ago

I tried it and it was fun plus its free. I did not have problems with the server. It just took long to load but it was worth the wait.

SavageKuma2036d ago

It is interesting but the armor does not seem to do anything to help you out in a match.

r212037d ago

this ps home game looks great, will try it soon. also, that $50 price tag, what the heck O_O

Gigawatt252037d ago

No Man's Land is the name of a lesbian porn series. I grew up watching it.