XBL vs PSN : A True Comparison

The Xbox 360 versus PS3 war is one that's seemed to have raged on since the dawn of time and in the end, most of us have came to the conclusion that it boils down to personal preference rather than which is really superior. One feature that can be truly compared however is the online experience that each console has to offer; in one hand we have Xbox Live and in the other, Playstation Network

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Dante1122222d ago

"It all boils down to what you personally prefer; do you enjoy perks for your money and great first-party online titles? Or would you rather have an amazing social experience whilst battling it out on early DLC? Let us know in the comments below!"

True, I like the PSN because I don't have to pay any money to play online. I love their PSN games as well, really different than the arcade games I play on Live (Journey, Flower, etc).

DaveM2222d ago

I like them both equally. I recently bought a PS3 because of the PSN+'s great scheme and the exclusive titles are more attractive than the 360's :) But I still highly regard my 360.

T9002222d ago

Steam has more features than any of these services.

Imo Steam > all

PoSTedUP2222d ago

PSN because i like Home and all the free stuff and experiences it comes with. and the free MMO DC online. truly a gamers delight. did i mention it's all free?

Hicken2222d ago


So when comparing XBL and PSN, you choose Steam? In that respect, you'd choose PC if you had the only options of 360 and PS3? If a dog or a cat were your choice, you'd pick a porcupine?

What relevance does Steam have to this comparison?

EVILDEAD3602222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

If Xbox live sucked and was 60 dollars there is NO WAY that 7 years later you would have a community even close to the 40 million strong.

The PS3 has Blu-ray, free PSN, etc. and no matter how many of these articles claiming they are the same experience.the numbers dont add up.

I love my PS3 Slim but there is no way I would pretend that the online experience tops Xbox Live.

I've purchased a zillion games over XBLA through the years, but my favorite addiction literally is the PSN store. I love it..

Again I love my PS3 Slim for so many reasons..but playing online on PSN for multi-plats just feels like going back in time..the old day of not playing with your fam and best friends while not in a party just feel like a looong step backwards.

But there are so many other advantages that both have but Live feels like a lifestyle which is why some people never even think to get other consoles..Sony has advantages that they don't advertise which I never understood..Sony NEVER hyped up the NFL pass that I bought..Sony had Amazon first..Sony has minis..which had Angry Birds first..and they could easily embrace IOS games.

I love Zune movies and Kinect on the 360...but for the HUGE movies it's my PS3 Slim and Blu-Ray all the way.

I bought the Sony 3DTV and IMO Sony has the best access the 3D movies. So I buy them all the time off of the store.

I own them both and love them both for different reasons.

Again, there is a REAL reason why gamersLOVE Xbox Live and believe me this topisc is older than dirt and we definately have been talking about it since the gen started..

I'm just keeping it real..if you live in some remote country that only plays PS3s then your experience is simply going to be enjoy your preference..nobody is wrong.


ShinMaster2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I don't get this pretentious talk of "community". Is it any more special than LBP's community, for example? A community where people actually share and create ideas?

What's 40mil XBL accounts to PSN's 60+mil? (I generously subtracted multiple accounts from the registered 90mil).
I'd say that's a fairly large community as well.

Let's not spin this any more than it needs to.
People pay for XBL Gold because they want to play games online. They have no option.


On topic.
Not hating on XBL, but I personally like PSN overall because I can get access to all the gaming and non-gaming features like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, MLBtv, NHL, VidZone, Vudu, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Skype, Facebook, Flickr, Music, Blu-ray, Video and Voice Chat, exact same Online Gameplay, etc etc on PS3 and Vita WITHOUT being forced to pay anything extra JUST for the privilege TO ACCESS these features.
PS Vita, unlike the PS3, was built for Cross-game Party chat, and it offers it for FREE as well. And up next is the PS4.

nukeitall2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )


The fact that you compare PSN number of accounts to XBL tells me you are misled. It's not the number of dormant accounts that matters, it is the number of active people that play what you want to play.

The friends I add on Xbox Live frequently play more, have mics and tend to play online games. If you have to pay to play, you damn well use it. Having a microphone as standard and making it easy to use it with cross game chat and party chat definitely helps.

Problem with PSN is, people get a new account and don't use their microphone. Many of my friends sometimes just want to change their name, so they create a new account because you can't do it on PSN. On XBL you pay to change, but at least you can.

Xbox Live also has less cheaters, because once you get banned you have to spend another $40-60 to get back in and potentially a new console. On PSN, you just open a new account!

PSN is great for what it is, but it is no way comparable to what XBL offers in terms of community. Anyone that tells you otherwise hasn't used XBL long enough, or is just plain lying!

There is a reason why more PS3 users are connected to PSN, but the most active users are on XBL. When people pay, they most definitely play!

ShinMaster2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

""There is a reason why more PS3 users are connected to PSN, but the most active users are on XBL""
That's pretty much the same thing.

Everyone having mics is not always a good thing. There are people who don't like using mics. And there are people who shouldn't be using mics.
This doesn't necessarily make it a better community and neither does paying to play, change name or get back on XBL.

By now, anyone that really wants to use a mic on PS3, HAS a mic.
Maybe this is a good way to keep d-bags away, the same way charging everyone to play is a way of keeping cheaters away....somehow.

Anyway, I stick with the rest of my previous statement/post.

darthv722221d ago

I will say that the point they were trying to make was a bit skewed though. The features they listed for the gold vs silver were worded in such a way as to make it seem like silver really got nothing out of live. Here is an example:

"Well, for $50 a year Xbox Live Gold members gain access to a plethora of services including: being able to buy games and movies over the marketplace, apps such as Netflix and Hulu, marketplace deals, party chat and the ability to play multiplayer games online against other gamers around the world."

Truth be told, silver members can buy games and movies over the marketplace and take advantage of marketplace deals. So lets remove the questionable phrasing from the original comment and show it like it really is.

"Well, for $50 a year Xbox Live Gold members gain access to a plethora of services including: apps such as Netflix and Hulu, party chat and the ability to play multiplayer games online against other gamers around the world."

While it doesnt really change the fact silver doesnt get as much as gold. It does put it into the correct context of the service itself.

Another example of incorrectly representing the information is on the part of PSN+:

"With PSN+ you'll gain early beta access to selected games, you'll get to trial full games for an hour, you'll get free themes and you'll even get full games for free."

While you may be able to keep a few things that are in fact free...the other stuff you dont. They are free for the life of the membership. Which simply means that if you let your membership expire, so does access to the "free" content. This mainly seems to apply to the games themselves as opposed to the non gaming content.

What irks me most about these opinion pieces is the twisting of the facts into something that benefits the writer as opposed to the reader. I wont argue that both services have their good and bad but they need to be properly represented in an unbiased view. We pretty much know that is almost impossible to do in this generation.

mewhy322221d ago

Is the guy kidding? Security a draw??? Hello mine and 75 million other's personal information was stolen all at the same time an spread over the hacking community for all to see while Sony waited 3 days to tell anyone about it. A draw??? I think not.

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Bobby Kotex2221d ago

I have a 360 and a PS3, my 360 is boxed up in the closet because of Xbox gold. I just saw zero value in it.

Intentions2222d ago

In the end it will be the person's preferences.

_Aarix_2221d ago

Yes but almost everyone here prefers psn and some claiming it being better as "fact"

oNIXo2221d ago

The only reason I like PSN more than XBL is the type of gamers that are on PSN. It's rare, on PSN, that I get into games with kids that are yelling at their parents while playing, morons that are blasting incomprehensible music over their mics, or people calling me and my family names and insinuating that they have done horrid things to my mother. Most folks I hear playing PSN are more mature and make my gaming more enjoyable. Just my opinion.

NastyLeftHook02222d ago

If i can get the same online gameplay for free, Have services like amazon first, ps+ then thats all i want from a service.

dubt722222d ago

Yes, IF you could get the SAME service for free, but you can't. Frequent scheduled downtime, lack of cross-game, thanks.

StrawberryDiesel4202221d ago

stfu troll boy, I'm always online. Everyday I play online and never have a problem so stop spreading BS lies you fucking son of a whore.

TKCMuzzer2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Why do people keep banging on about cross-game chat. I only want to chat to people playing the same game. I don't want to chat to people playing other games.
By the way, you can cross game chat on the Vita so the PSN is capable and when Sony release the PS4 I will be glad to see the back of the cross game chat argument, especially if Sony offers it for free.

I am very rarely effected by downtime, it only usually applies to accessing account details and very very rarely interrupts online play.

Bobby Kotex2221d ago

No one cares about cross game chat you troll.

Prototype2222d ago

I chose PSN because it's more of an option, not a "requirement."

darthv722221d ago

once you sign up for PSN+ it becomes more of a requirement than an option.

Treian2222d ago

OMG Stop comparing and bitching about which one is better. Just play your damm games and stfu!!!!!

maniacmayhem2222d ago

So strange that this comment makes the most sense.

dawnfang2222d ago

This is a website, based on discussion... of course there will be comparison, perhaps YOU should shut up and leave if you don't like it.

theWB272222d ago

Most people don't discuss, they bash and disagree because of difference. I hardly call that discussion.

Cueil2221d ago

not to mention you can poke holes into that "comparison" it'll look like an afghan when you're done poking holes in it.

TKCMuzzer2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

It's always an amusing read for 5 mins though, so let them carry on.