Why Is Polygon Apologizing For Its Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review?

FleshEatingZipper writes: Of course, a big new site like Polygon, the culmination of a billion other major gaming outlets, has an obligation to give it a whirl and let the masses about it. They don’t like it either, and yet they felt that the entire last half should be a report on other people who felt like they do, as if they need to justify their lowly 1 out of 10 score. Why?

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TFXR2068d ago

Hey, this is the submitter, I can't add a game tag because the site is broken. Keeps erring out.

MasterCornholio2066d ago

The game was absolute garbage, polygon doesn't need to apologize. However Microsoft should apologize for letting the sequel to a highly acclaimed franchise go to waste. They should have improved the design of the Kinect and have aided the devs in the games development.


InTheLab2066d ago

Hybrid Kinect games....just don't work. It's either voice commands, Dancing, semi broken rail shooters, or slicing fruit...

MS should apologize to 18m Kinect owners.

GillHarrison2066d ago

This game is published by Capcom and developed by FromSoftware. Microsoft doesn't need to say anything. It was also a risk to bring back Steel Battalion, the game had an almost non-existent fan base.

StupidDude2066d ago

Becaue - its Arthur. Of course he'd do something like that.

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