Roger Ebert Dismisses The Last of Us: Naughty Dog Responds

DualShock Nexus: Veteran film critic, Roger Ebert; dismisses The Last of Us and other games as leaving nothing to the imagination.

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mochachino2188d ago

Ebert is the biggest troll of the year two years running now.

Agent Smith2188d ago

And this is why Gene Siskel was the better critic. RIP

inveni02188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I think it's sad that anybody cares what Roger thinks about games in the first place. He's a dinosaur.

gatormatt802188d ago

Meh, since when has Ebert ever been relevant in gaming anyway. I couldn't care less what this old geezer thinks about games or movies.

sikbeta2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

He'll never change his mind, there are many kind of different movies, from crap to amazing, same happens with VGames, TLoU is a Violent game, a game that makes you act violently for a REASON, but also is a Stealth game, the game lets you play in more than one way

There is a difference between a Violent game for the sake of it, like GTA, where you can kill everything that moves for no reason and games like Gears or Uncharted, where you attack to defend yourself

In the case of TLoU, is a post-apocalyptic world in which survivors don't care about anyone more than themselves and will do anything to stay alive...

BrutallyBlunt2188d ago

What many critics fail to grasp is the entertainment value these things do for people. Some of the movies they recommend are bore-fests. Sure there might be some great acting but if the movie is boring then it's boring. I pay to be entertained. That doesn't mean i can't enjoy movies that are very serious or admire the acting.

Games are a different medium all-together. Sure some game designers are trying to mesh the two and some can do a fairly good job at it (Beyond by Quantic Dream for example looks incredible), but we have to remember games are supposed to be interactive. There is a conncetion gamers get while playing a game that is completely different than one gets while watching a movie.

I respect Roger Eberts opinion but he needs to respect the views from gamers too since he's trying to recommend or not recommend what he critques to others and not just himself.

morganfell2188d ago

He's a critic. Which means his actual expertise in the field he critiques is the same as that of people who review games...exactly nil.

Ebert's own forays into work in the creative process of movie making were abysmal failures. Sorry fatso, there is only so much you can hang on Russ Meyer.

He, like game critics, are perfect examples of "Those that can, do. Those that can't, critique."

NewMonday2188d ago

"He has become this sort of Ebenezer Scrooge of video games, despising everything they do. With this, people especially in the video game community take him less seriously."

IcarusOne2188d ago

I'm forced to ask: did any of you read the "offending" Steven Boone article? He makes some very relevant points about the games industry, some points that we shouldn't be too quick to dismiss. If you can take your Naughty Dog fanboy hats off for a second, you might consider something different for a change.

Ebert wasn't shitting on TLOU. He was merely quoting the title of the article.

Hellsvacancy2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Its like that Simpsons episode where Homer becomes a food critic, he loves all the food hes given but soon is told hes doing it wrong "your a critic so be critical" (not exact quote)

TheLeapist2187d ago

Yeah I did. And the dude only manages to prove his extreme ignorance of the subject he so poorly tried to tackle. Little to nothing he said was valid or fully true.

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Nimblest-Assassin2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

The reason that these two dismissed the game is because they do not think it is artistic, and dismissed it as another gears of war. Unfortunately they do not understand the fact that ND is trying to convey human emotions through their Ai. He also stated that our excitement for TLOU and Watch Dogs makes no sense as we should be praising games like Pikmin 3 and last guardian... which is funny because last guardian WAS NOT AT THE GOD DAMN CONFERENCE.

He ignorantly dismissed the game... I would have understood this, but what really made me know the guy who wrote the article is really out of touch with gaming is this statement

"2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the second highest-selling video game of all-time in the U.S., was in many ways the Dark Knight of gaming. It solidified an ongoing franchise while exploring themes of terrorism and reprisal from the point of view of American protectors working Dick Cheney’s “dark side” to produce results. As Seth Seichel wrote in a New York Times review of the game, “Basically, the player, in the guise of an American commando, can participate in a massacre of unarmed civilians. ‘It will cost you a piece of yourself,’ your commander says of the mission. ‘It will cost nothing compared to everything you’ll save.’”"


The fact he had the audacity to compare it with the Dark knight is an insult to both gamers and movie goers. COD doesn't care about the plot only the money they generate by teenagers.

That is how I know that we should dismiss this article... because the guy has no clue about the gaming medium at all

He also said Joel was wearing camo... jesus christ thats when you know this guy has no idea about what he is talking about

This film critic simply agreed with this, however this is the article that made me facepalm hard when I saw MW2 is the pinnacle of game story telling...

God that statement made me want to puke. Especially with games like MGS, Assassins Creed, Bioshock, RDR, Half-life, Uncharted, Halo, CALL OF DUTY HAS THE BEST STORY IN GAMING? GTFO

Oh and this guy wasn't at E3.... he's commenting based on youtube footage... no wonder he thinks the last guardian was at e3... but I do love the sheer amounts of sarcasm ND is giving both of them #yourwelcome

Idiotic article written by Steve Boone:

AtomicGerbil2188d ago

Sir, you said exactly what I was thinking and more.

I don't know who he was trying to impress, but he certainly didn't have much of a clue, and definitely based his entire knowledge of The Last of US on a single gameplay video. Poor journalism.

KwietStorm2188d ago

Seriously though. Why does he keep talking about games..

upallnightgamer2188d ago

Because he's realized that people don't care about his opinion on movies, so he moved on to the closest thing to them: video games. The only problem is gamers don't give a rat's ass about his opinion either.

t0mmyb0y2188d ago

..And why does he have to look like a lesbian all the time?

BinaryMind2188d ago

Yeah, didn't Ebert say a while back that though he holds his opinion on games, but doesn't feel he has the knowledge to back that up? Now he's backing is argument by pimping an argument by someone else... on a game that only 5 minutes of gameplay released.

SeekDev2188d ago

Who was the biggest troll three years ago? Just curious.

DarthJay2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

He is clearly struggling to stay relevant in an internet age when anyone can make a Youtube video and do what he does. He just made an entire demographic that is completely out of his grasp and comprehension turn on their heads and say his name.

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falloutx2188d ago

I dismiss Roger Ebert, How about that?

Mounce2188d ago

People should dismiss him too much, he clearly feels entitled to think his word means a lot, though, everyone responding to him to make his word seem like it matters, makes it so it'll fuel his ego....

People will keep fighting and telling him he's a judgmental pompous douche to games, what was it, he was bashing Shadow of the Colossus before and said it had Nothing artistic about it? People trashed him until he'd change his mind, I just can't remember if he ever did, the problem is not any credibility, it's the ignorance where he makes his decisions based on half-assed reasoning, he doesn't do any research, he makes Declarations on anything he deems needing to be insulted mostly. If he knew what the hell he was talking about, people wouldn't think he's as big of a dick for his 'opinion'.

sourav932187d ago

I would normally never use profanity in any of my comments, but unfortunately I feel it's necessary for this, and for that I apologise in advance. So with all my heart, Mr. Ebert, go fuck yourself.

CaitSith2188d ago

Apparently, people care about what this guy thinks.

RememberThe3572188d ago

Hes a great movie critic. He just cant get past his prejudices.

floetry1012188d ago

This is true. Ebert is undeniably a great critic of film, but when it comes to gaming and interactive entertainment, the guy is way out of his depth.

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SeekDev2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

I'm not even kidding right now. Don't judge, just this is the man that says those terrible things about games.

jeeves862188d ago

The guy had cancer and had part of his jaw removed. He speaks now with the assistance of a robotic aid.

SeekDev2188d ago

That's why I said don't judge. If he truly didn't know who Ebert was then he might have thought that I was screwing with him, but yeah, it's not cool to make fun of him for his health conditions. Go ahead and bash him for his opinions if you want, I guess.

Cyrisaurus2188d ago

It's like the KKK dismissing Morgan Freeman