Several possible new "GTA V images" were found in Max Payne 3

Since the release of Max Payne 3, many fans of GTA V elements found in the new game that might suggest their information. And to our joy, the User Sam_S_Rosevelt of a topic on GTAForums posted several new images that are convincing enough to belong to the new Grand Theft Auto, because many of them have elements that we saw the first trailer for GTA V.

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Derekvinyard131675d ago

terrible pics. all blurry and def not gta V images

HammadTheBeast1674d ago

And yet it will still be hottest news...

ItsMeAgain1674d ago

You said it and it become a reality...

attilayavuzer1674d ago

Yeah I'm smelling some possible bullshit.

Crazyglues1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

@ attilayavuzer

oh yeah, it's not possible, it's 100% bullsh*t...


Adexus1674d ago

All of the images look like they were taken in Brazil to me which makes sense since they're from MP3, so I highly doubt these are GTA V images.

People are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find new GTA V info aren't they?

yess1674d ago

I am absolutly sure i saw the GTAV logo on my toast this morning;)

Soldierone1674d ago

What? Pics or it didn't happen....last time I checked Rockstar only advertises GTA in the eggs.....

TheModernKamikaze1674d ago

The only thing I saw that was the same was the lighthouse. The others are a long shot

ThatEnglishDude1674d ago

Not to mention that site is terrible. Slow, full of pop ups and really, as people said - grasping at straws for GTA5 info.

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The story is too old to be commented.