Xbox 720, Xbox Loop, Durango.. what’s it all about?

Gamer Euphoria staff member Rob writes:

''A document detailing next generation console plans from Microsoft leaked earlier this month and, at first, was taken with a quite large pinch of salt; which is completely unlike everything we’ve come to expect from the internet. Microsoft however have come out and admitted that the document does in fact belong to them, and currently their lawyers are trying to have any form of the document eradicated from sites hosting it. This could only mean one thing: the information contained within the document is a true roadmap for the next Xbox.''

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Paragon2040d ago

I came here to inspect that photo, wondering, "Why is Rango in that picture?"


r212040d ago

Rango was an awesome film. the whole visuals for that movie looked so real. Industrial Lights and Magic did a great job.

iNFAMOUZ12040d ago

imagine what halo 5 will look like on the xbox 3

h311rais3r2040d ago

Just the thought alone 0.0

Imagine if it was released and optimized for high end pcs?! Too bad that won't happen.

Too bad ps gamers can't enjoy it either :/ maybe hate for the series would go down of it went multiplat.

Farsendor12040d ago

if it came to pc i wouldn't mind playing co op but i wouldn't go crazy for it. i would have more fun with guild wars 2

tehpees32040d ago

The roadmap in that document just proves the people that suspected Kinect is Microsoft's new path were right.

I can't say about the specs just yet but I can't see it being as powerful as people think it is if they are attacking casuals as well. People are really setting themselves up for disappointment here in my opinion.

Microsoft made it very clear that Kinect is playing a big part of their future and they won't just drop it by releasing a new console. They are even making smart glass support for all their future games. Something which they hypocritically called Nintendo out on.

But hey its my opinion.