Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hand-On Preview | CheatCC

Cheat Code Central got the chance to sit down and with the PlayStation 3 edition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,
and we’re still trying to process the experience rationally. For the most part, it's simply a spit-shined version of the
original, but considering that control pads are worse than blasphemy to your average CS player, Valve might be overshooting their drop zone.

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GillHarrison2036d ago

The doesn't seem to be a CS fan very much, or at least doesn't seem to like that the game doesn't have many changes. CS relies on skill and accuracy of shots rather than perks and power-ups, any change would have me instantly loathing the game.

Redgehammer2036d ago

Spend enough time with a controller and you can conduct a symphony of destruction with one.

BraveToaster2036d ago

I'm in the beta and I've never seen those terrorist character models in the last 2 images.