Timesplitters 4 to be free to play?

Cevat Yerli, founder of Crytek, has stated that the next game in the Timesplitters series could be free-to-play. This strategy is in line with his recent assertion that the free-to-play format is the “future of gaming” and that all of Crytek’s future projects will shift to that model.

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unknownhero11232163d ago

in that case, timesplitters is dead to me

mdarwin12163d ago

I could careless if its free to play so long as it remains the same as it was with all the other 3 with all the cool wacky fun characters and fun story to go through

BitbyDeath2163d ago

Do CryTek even know what sort of game Timesplitters is?
This makes no sense.

sikbeta2163d ago

I know, right... TS has amazing SP and MP modes, how could anyone implement F2P in the story mode, it'd work wonderful for the MP, but that's it...

masa20092163d ago

Personally I wouldn't really like it as I enjoy playing campaigns, especially split screen coop, and I imagine it would get axed it TS4 went FTP.

But, this being said, I do think that FTP makes some sense.
TS uses stylized visuals that could accomodate a large userbase with low specs.
It's well known for its multiplayer component.

It'd seem strange to see the quintessential console FPS on PC and maybe not on consoles (unless Dust 514 makes money and people follow that model), but it might be decent.

uncharted562163d ago

If this is the case then please just dont make a timesplitters game. Ill rather take and HD remake that is not free to play then this.

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