Black Ops 2′s multiplayer, zombies & more. Mark Lamia on how Treyarch are “not iterating” COD

We interview Treyarch boss Mark Lamia about everything Black Ops 2, including the new setting, multiplayer, zombies and how this isn’t just another COD.

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HaMM4R2218d ago

ill believe it when i see it.

xpgINSANITY2218d ago

I do believe the multiplayer is going to have a few small changes to make it feel new and fresh... Like a 2 hit knifing system. Or a 1 hit with a perk. That would be a big help if it took place of something like hardline, assassin, or slight of hand

CanadianTurtle2217d ago

The thing is that it's going to look different on the exterior. But the probability is that it'll probably play the same as every other call of duty out there.

Jaybronee2217d ago

Pretty sure that they advertised "it is an all new COD" for the last 3 games.