Feature: The Future of GameCube on Wii U

When Wii U is released, you'll be able to play games from each of Nintendo's home consoles thanks to a mixture of backwards compatibility and the Virtual Console. With one exception. No, not Virtual Boy. Currently GameCube has no place on Nintendo's first high definition console, that we know of: only games on systems up to Nintendo 64 are available for download, and the disc slot won't accept GameCube's miniature disks, just like the later model of Wii. Nintendo Life outlines how Nintendo could approach GameCube support on Wii U.

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HalfNerdHalfAmazing2221d ago

What I would love to Nintendo do with the GameCube games on the wii u is to remake every gamecube game in hd imagine playing metroid prime or wind waker in hd that would be awesome

Marcus Fenix2221d ago

problem is that Wii U's gamepad triggers are digital, which means there's no pressure control, either full throttle or no input, how games like Mario Sunshine and Luigi's mansion gonna play on Wii U?, let's hope Nintendo puts some last minute change regarding this matter.

HarryMasonHerpderp2221d ago

I loved my Gamecube, loved the music to the main menu and the noise the cube made when you held the A button (yes I'm sad)
loved the lil tiny discs and the fact that the loading times between turning the cube on and playing a game were practically none existent.
Loved the games like the Resident Evil Remake, Smash Bros melee, mario sunshine and Chibi Robot, Metroid Prime, Tales of Symphonia etc,Luigi's mansion, Eternal Darkness.

I was so disappointed with the Wii =(
I hope the Wii-U brings back the NES all the way to the Gamecube days.

josephayal2221d ago

The GameCube is one of the best consoles ever made, Nintendo does have the best line up for younger kids, the Wii is the best selling of the current gen, the WII U is going to be sold out for months like the Wii

crxss2221d ago

EFF THESE N4G ERRORS!!!!!!!! also eff Nintendo for not including GCube support. Guess I'll keep my Wii forever

pr0digyZA2221d ago

Im playing wind waker on my PC for the first time, it really is an amazing game. It would be great if it had support for older games.

BTW is anyone else getting these blasted errors when agreeing or replying.

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