There’s nothing wrong with Grindhouse-style games

GameZone writes, "More often than not, we see a lot of games that are taken very seriously. If they aren’t first-person shooters that hike up the realism, they’re fables that make you feel like you’re in another time or place, driven by a singular goal. But every once in a while, you run into a game that makes you have fun and not worry so much about the end of the world or whatever’s going to happen down the road. It’s all about enjoying the moment and chopping some poor schlep to bits in the process. You know, like in the “Grindhouse” style."

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wallis2099d ago

I agree, gamers and journalists spend 80% of their energy bitching about games needing to grow up then have an aneurism when non-gamers have a negative view of games. Freedom of art has and always will be a key signature of civilisation and honestly I'd rather if all the self-righteous over judgmental douche bag journalists who see themselves as the saviours of this disgusting sexist hobby would just piss off and get a job doing something they're more suited to - like prostitution.

kostchtchie_2099d ago

well said Wallis, i would click agree but for some reason mine has bugged out and mods have not fixed it yet :/ +1

Venox20082098d ago

we need more games in this style, I'm getting bored with serious games, too much of them in these days.. loved Bayonetta, shadows of the damned, both no more heroes, one day will buy lollipop chainsaw