Console XP: Lollipop Chainsaw Review

Bryton Lam wrote: "First of all, I’m disappointed in you, Warner Bros! This game is an atrocity and I hope you know that you decided to degrade women, degrade video games, and degrade gamers. Expecting that the only thing that we would respond to was sex appeal is downright offensive and these actions will continue to destroy the industry’s chances of being taken seriously. Your game is unoriginal, your marketing is unoriginal, and it’s a strategy that has already proven to be a complete failure. Thank you for telling the world that video games are a boy’s club and that we only respond to girls in short skirts. By the way, if you love this marketing scheme, have fun with these two installments."

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MattS2135d ago

What a ridiculous review.

Warner Brothers didn't make the game, as the reviewer seems to think. They published it. While that means Warner Brothers is complicit in the "crime" - if you want to believe that - it was Grasshopper Manufacture that made the game.

Furthermore, I would expect a critic to know something about self-referential irony in game production. The fact this guy took the game seriously is quite a poor reflection on games journalism.

Lucretia2134d ago

yeeeah he is a moron, i totally disregarded the review when he blamed warner bros

ShaunCameron2133d ago

He's just one of those self-hating feminist poodle-dogs. I stopped reading after the second sentence.

Kos-Mos2135d ago

This review is done by something that thinks it`s cool to not like sex appeal, but the game is so much more than sex appeal. If it(yes it) can`t understand it, and all the intertextual references throughout the game, I recommend it to stop trying to review games.

Deadpool6162135d ago

Wow, this site isn't professional.

Major_Nailson2134d ago


Console XP is known for better reviews than this. It's the writer that sucks.