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NBA Live 13 Impressions E3 2012 - GamerFitNation

GamerFitNation: Last year was a dark time for the EA Sports NBA Live franchise. The game was under a lot of full court pressure from the powerhouse that is NBA 2K and it collapsed under said pressure by not even making it to the retail market. The only thing that I can say is that by being pushed so far can only make a game that much better. That is the case with NBA Live 13. In the 15min presentation of the game that we were shown during E3 2012, I learned many things. To be brief for this preview, I will tell you a couple of the things that I learned. (E3, NBA Live 13, PS3, Xbox 360)

Emilio_Estevez  +   1164d ago
If you had to pick right now would it be Live or 2K? 2K12 was the best basketball game to date imo.

@NYC - I agree, the fiasco that was Elite has me worried. No EA game made me switch over to 2k and I don't see myself going back...
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NYC_Gamer  +   1164d ago
I don't believe EA can compete with 2K on the level of gameplay....Live always felt too much like an arcade b-ball game with robotic movement and ugly character models......
da_2pacalypse  +   1164d ago
Yeah, but 2K basketball games have gotten progressively worst over the years. 2k9 was probably their best game. They've since screwed themselves over.
NYC_Gamer  +   1164d ago
EA should have made the Live 13 reveal public instead of hiding it behind closed doors....That shows EA didn't have much faith in the early build since it was shown in secret...
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2pacalypsenow  +   1164d ago
2k is garbage now Online servers suck, My player is full of glitches and so is the gameplay , Big men getting defended and blocked/made to change shot in the post by players Half their size ...
Emilio_Estevez  +   1164d ago
I have not experienced a single issue with MyPlayer, haven't tried online though.

I play full length quarters and can't say I've had those issues.
1. My teammates have never hit the bottom of the backboard (Mellow and Stat), I have though.

2. ??

3. 99 in what shooting? There are multiple shot categories

4. I wish my team would trade for a damn PG

5. I think that's Just Noah, he's on my franchise team and can't do anything around the hoop.

6. True, like I said, need a PG.

7. That doesn't happen to me, I stuff those mofos.
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2pacalypsenow  +   1164d ago
Im in my player Year 3 7 min Quarters

1. Your teammates are garbage they hit the bottom of the backboard on layups, D rose misses wide open layups etc.

2. You cant be a starter in the all star game , my OVR 99 im 12th man 3 years in a row.

3. Im 99 in shooting (close,MId,3pt)yet i miss wide open shot with the same release (MJ's)

4. My team trades away talent , we have 2PG 6 SG, 2 Sf ,1Pf and 1 C , Completely off balanced team.

5.The computer plays Lock down Defense no matter how bad the player is at defense ,(delonte west blocked Noah on 2 dunks from the front)and also the cpu puts their hands up and its a block

6.Can't ask the team to find other players to trade for

7.The cpu player will make %99.9
of the shot no matter how crazy they are when the clock is running down (my block is 83 Im a SG BTW)

Its still fun (not as much as 2k11) but it gets frustrating when I miss a game winner with a clutch ratting of 99
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kevinsheeks  +   1164d ago
2k11 is so much better then 2k12 when it come's to my player -_-
drdre74  +   1164d ago
Why is it in Live games the players knees are always bent? The players never straighten their legs out. Look at the pics. Nobody stands straight up like that.only time people in basketball do that is when they are playing defense.
black911  +   1164d ago
Im buying live13 regardless.
black911  +   1163d ago
Hip hop gamer has a exclusive interview on youtube with nba live 13 developer.
basketball_iQ  +   1162d ago
^^i just checked that link out its on point^^^
for you 2K lovers,,,listen... EA isnt scared. When you're coming from where they are coming from vs 2K, they dont want the competetion to "see the hook until its too late" ... get what im saying? Revealing material and ideas in June for a game set to come out in October would be foolish. Sit back and enjoy the ride, this will be a great game on all levels.
EA has a reputation (madden, fifa, & NBAlive) and I fully believe they will make a strong come back after that lil bit of "sand in the eye" by 2K & its drones (that'll be YOU) threw. With Elite11, they were reaching for the realist basketball experience that could be acheived on the simulation level. Doing away with repeated animations both teams do, real individual player physics, and real basketball iQ by each player. YEAH, basketball iQ, You know, floor spacing, rebounding position, making the right play according to situation, & defensive position among other things. All in which, 2k lacks. Dont gasp,,, YOU KNOW IT. ie: Andrew Bynum just standing at the top of the key.LOL. For what? But anyway, reaching that high in a year would be next to impossible like if NASA attempted to reach Jupiter w/men on board and bring them back. But now its 2012, 2 years without a release, and plans were turned over into Maddens MotherShip, Tiburon (spellcheck), things are on the up and up. And I miss real basketball on the playstation as much as a GregOden must miss actually playing ball in real life. But unlike him, I know this game is back.
When I think of why 2kers flocked over, one word comes to mind, "BANDWAGON."
The same way a lot of people flocked to the MiamiHeat because Lebron went there, knowing they were all on Kobe the week before. But I aint tripping, thats what people do (except people like me; Celtic for Life since '92, Steeler for life '89). And its the samething here with the battle between these series. All 2k has ever had on Live was presentation... Oooooo... what about actual gameplay on the court? Accurate passing, no look passing, one hand bounce passes, crossovers you actually control, the look of Nash's dribbling style vs that Lebron's or Rondo's, AND THERE IS a DIFFERENCE, not the same "push forward" and 1,2,3 combo everybody does, please. OMG... on 2k, You dont even control the dribbling if want the shot stick. If you think the shot stick (2k) is more important than actually handeling the ball with that stick (live), you're crazy. NOT only that, its more impressive a feature. Also, 2K looks cartoon-ish at best until they zoom in after the game is over and show you replays of what the game should look like where you can actually see Lebron's tattoos and the details in his shoes. And ive never felt like that about NBAlive, EVER. Emphasis has always been put into the players and the way they actually play. Not what the cheerleaders are doing and fan in row 2C... WHO CARES if Lebron's block off the backboard ignites the fastbreak for an alley-oop back to Lebron. Right? Credit is due, its a nice throw in but its no reason to say LIVE sucks, throw in the towel. Calm down. Live improved by adding exclusive features important to actual on-the-court play like Espn everything: exclusive ... synergy sports: exclusive
basketball_iQ  +   1162d ago
last time i checked, when both games were out together, both were rated 8.6 out of 10 ...

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